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Custom NAS System - Intel SS4000-E

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2008/08/04 12:59:08 (permalink)

Custom NAS System - Intel SS4000-E

Custom NAS System - Intel SS4000-E

Some customers have a vision into what the most beautiful should look like.  They select the options on our website and we start to build it.  We then realize just how awesome a computer some of these systems really are.  This system was chosen and configured by an actual customer and we are displaying it here for your viewing pleasure.

You can click any picture for a bigger view


Here are the complete specs for all of you look over.


Well this system is something out of the ordinary from what we normally show and build.  This here is a NAS or Networked Attached Storage system.  It is made to hold a good size of hard drive space and be connected to the network.  Your computer systems then recognize the drives as one large external hard drive depending upon the RAID selections.  This system here is capable of using up to 4x 1 TB hard drives and that is exactly what the customer selected.


Much like a server, it acts like a remote directory on the network.  It has a small amount of memory and a low powered processor to control everything.  Unlike a server, it requires the computers on the network to push data to it instead of the remote system pulling data onto it.  It is more or less an external hard drive with some electronics to make it work through the network.  Thus, it requires the computers on the network to control what data is sent and recieved.


However, this is a great system to have in a small business or home with a fair share of computers who all need access to the same data and files.  This system keeps them all in an easy to access single location.  Also with the built in web interface, the files and data are accessible when you are away from the home network.  I cannot tell you how many times I forgot an important document or file at home without having any way of retrieving it online.


Want to config a system just like this?  Click the link below to go to our system page that was used for this build and select the options to match this system.

INTEL, SS4000-E SATA Entry Storage System:
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