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EVGA 750i Chipset Motherboards and Antec

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2008/06/17 16:01:34 (permalink)

EVGA 750i Chipset Motherboards and Antec

EVGA 750i Chipset Motherboards and Antec Cases

It has come to our attention lately that 750i chipset motherboards from eVGA do not operate the hard drive activity light on some Antec cases.  These cases include the Antec Nine Hundred and P180/P182 models.  There seems to be no fix for this through a bios update as it is strictly hardware only that is causing the fault.

The problem is that the Antec case HDD activity LED needs a certain amount of voltage to operate.  The 750i motherboard is not pushing enough voltage to turn on the LED.

avadmin2008-06-17 18:06:48

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