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The Intel SSD 750 Series

Unleashed Performance

Intel’s Solid State Drive 750 Series bring data center technology to gamers and PC enthusiasts

Exceptional Performance

Take your PC to a new level of performance with fast application launches and file loading with the Intel SSD 750 Series which uses four lanes of PCIe 3.0 combined with the NVME interface to deliver uncompromising performance, with low latency and high read/write speeds.

The SSD 750 Series is Intel’s first user-focused NVMe SSD. The NVM Express is the optimized PCI Express SSD interface was designed specifically to unlock the potential of SSDs. Originally meant for enterprise and data center applications, gamers, engineers, researchers and others can now enjoy the benefits of this new technology.

Choose from Add-in-Card and 2.5-inch form factors

Both the Add-in-Card and 2.5-inch Intel SSD 750 Series are bootable, east to use and plug-n-play. Transition from your hard drive to SATA SSD to a new PCIe 3.0 SSD without thermal or power limitations on performance in any computer, from mini PCs, full-size gaming towers, to workstation computers.


Experience instant boot times, fell the uncompromised gaming performance, and design richer content with larger data sets and textures. If your current or future computer has an accessible PCIe 3.0 slot, the Intel SSD 750 Series Add-in-Card (AIC) is a perfect dynamic solution.

2.5-inch Small Form Factor

If your computer dos not have an available PCIe 3.0 slot due to size or multiple graphics card, the Intel SSD 750 Series 2.5-inch SFF provides a cabled option, where it connects to the U.2 connector (formerly SFF-8643) on the motherboard.