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the best VR games for 2016

The Best VR Games

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To wrap up our small AR & VR series we thought it would be best to highlight what you can specifically do with your new headsets and glasses. In general, the news you hear about the virtual reality and augmented reality is about the headset hardware and improvements to the software engines that run in the background. Rarely do we see stories about the exact games you’ll be able to play. Here is a look at the current best sellers and upcoming releases for the various platforms.

Batman Arkham VR (For PlayStation VR)

The popular Batman series will be expanding to VR with a new title hitting the market this October. Experience Gotham City for yourself as one of the world’s greatest superheroes. In a completely immersive state, you will be able to utilize any of his skills and assets to further develop your journey. It was announced at comic-con this past year that it will open at a price of $19.99 sometime in October and you can catch your sneak peek here!

Batman Arkham VR

Hover Junkers (HTC Vive)

A new series for one of the hottest VR platforms. Hover Junker is a multiplayer combat game that leaves you soaring through the air with room scale controls. These room scale controls give you the option to choose your ship based on the physical size of the space you’re playing in and add options later.  The action packed post-apocalyptic thriller has multiple maps, players, and weapons to choose from. It’s available now for the small price of $34.99.

Hover Junkers

Chronos (Oculus Rift)

An RPG shooter in VR has to be unbelievable, right? Chronos puts that to the test as you follow one young man’s journey to save his hometown from a greater power. Throughout this quest you must utilize the Labyrinth which holds secrets as to how you can restore order in their home, and upon each failure to utilize, the Labyrinth closes for a year. Find the secrets behind the Labyrinth, level up your character, and save your homeland from further evil. This game is available now for $49.99.


Star Trek: Bridge Crew (Multiple Platforms)

The movie, tv-show, video game is now taking its seat at the VR table. It will feature a co-op of four players that will highlight controlling the federation starship. You are commissioned with your crew to operate the ship and explore the large amount uncharted space known as the trench. Your crew is given the responsibility of controlling the trench and securing a peaceful presence. This game will be available November 29th for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR at a price of $59.99.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew

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