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Autodesk Maya Software Autodesk Maya Software
Building a Custom PC for Autodesk Maya

Building a custom PC for a software can save you hours of frustration from working on a laggy and unoptimized program. We regularly get customers

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AVADirect PC Gaming Holiday Guide!

As we head into the holiday season, there is much to consider when purchasing something extravagant for a family member or a close friend.  That’s

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How to keep a quiet custom PC

Silent custom PCs are more important than one might think. If you’ve ever gamed or had to get work done on a noisy system, then

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New Raspberry Pi 4

The Raspberry Pi foundation has released an updated model of their small computer. The Raspberry Pi 4 has numerous upgrades over the previous generation, which

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Ambient temperature effects on cooling

The summer months are here. That means cooling solutions inside of your custom gaming PC are all the more important because ambient temperatures can influence

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PC cases – What to Consider

It can be easy to overlook the case when configuring a custom gaming PC. So much attention is paid to the exciting parts inside that

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Holiday Tech Gift Guide: By Price

Welcome to our final installment of our holiday gift guides! Our other gift guides feature PC recommendations by interest and suggestions on our favorite peripherals

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