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Intel Extreme Rig Challenge

The “Intel Extreme Rig Challenge” Explained

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If you haven’t checked into the Intel Rig Challenge, you’re probably wondering what has filled our social media and email chains throughout the past month.  We are here to give you all the details about what the challenge is along with how you can get your feet wet in the fun!

Our Part

Intel is hosting 12 different builders to create their most extreme gaming rig possible, featuring the new Intel® Core™ i7 processor Extreme Edition and an Intel® SSD 750 Series. Now, just because you were one of the constructers selected for the build off, does not mean you are in the clear. Only the top 7 builders will be selected to release their rig at PAX Prime over Labor Day Weekend. This is why we are tirelessly working to perfect every detail on our groundbreaking rig that we have ever come across. But, it’s up to our fans as to whether we will be in the top 7, or watch our system collect dust in the front of our office.

Your Part

The golden ticket is based on whether you are one of the top 7 builders according to the hashtag on Twitter. Our fans must tweet “I vote @AVADirect for the #IntelRigChallenge” to hopefully catapult us into one of the coveted top 7 spots. You can do this every day and increase your chances of winning quite an incredible prize.

Win Big

We want you to overload our timeline with as many mentions as you possibly can, because in the end when you scratch our backs, we scratch yours. The entire point of tweeting is to increase your chances of winning the rig that we have hand crafted. It would be an understatement to say that this will be the most epic computer that has ever come through our workplace. Keep your Twitter fingers going until August 1st and we hope to see your name called in the raffle at PAX West!

Send Off

We can’t thank our supporters enough throughout the first month of this competition and hope to see the votes continue. Everyone here at AVADirect is looking forward to the coming months and remember to tweet “I vote @AVADirect for the #IntelRigChallenge”.

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