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Must Have Apps

Must Have Apps

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There seems be a never ending stream of applications that sound appealing at first and after the initial download are never touched again. We’ve gathered some of our favorites along with doing some research on the most useful resources out there. Take a look at the apps that may come to be your newest friend. (IOS and Android)


Coding isn’t exactly something that you are born with and I think we all know that. LRN is an application that gives you a free trial with an interactive quiz at the end to help you learn multiple coding languages. Each lesson after your free trial comes at the reasonable cost of $2.99 for a skill that can make you much more in the long run.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

We understand that keeping a normal sleep schedule after a long night of gaming is farfetched most times. This is why the Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock is here to help mitigate that problem. A sleep monitor and an alarm clock that will help track your sleep cycles by just placing your phone next to your pillow before falling asleep.  Once you wake up, it measures your night of sleep based on the quality of your deep sleep cycles along with how long it was. This application will wake you up once you’ve received a perfect amount of sleep to start your day. (IOS and Android)


Nothing is worse than finishing an 8 hour work day only to find yourself sitting in stand still traffic. Waze is an application that eliminates that problem by flagging other user’s status to update you on where any speed traps or traffic jams are for free. Not only does this app constantly update you with the latest roadway situations, but also can help you navigate your way to the cheapest fill up spots and find where your friends are going that day as well. (IOS and Android)


Saving money isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do when there are Steam sales taking place and Virtual Reality systems are being released. This is why Acorns saves your money while you spend it. Every time you spend money Acorns will round the purchase up to the nearest dollar and reinvest your change. Over time your account will rise without even noticing the missing money. This free app may be the easiest way to find excess money for your next purchase. (IOS and Android)


We’ve all been there, there are four people in the car at a drive through and not a single person has cash on them. Paypal’s digital payment app, Venmo, eliminates this problem. With the free download of the app, you’re able to link your bank account and send money to other users free of charge. Its unparalleled convenience helped them attract users that eventually transferred over a billion dollars in the first month of the year. (IOS and Android)

Puzzle Juice

While most apps are useful, others are needed for unwinding. Puzzle Juice is a combination of two classic games, Tetris and Boggle. There is no better waiting room game than the multitasking masterpiece. Once you complete your Tetris board into three of the same colors, you can tap the row which then becomes a series of letters. Once you have enough letters to make a word, the letters around will burst then resulting in points. Kill any amount of time playing the long lasting but entertaining Puzzle Juice. (IOS Game)


Hopefully you picked up a few helpful pocket resources that will make the average day a bit easier and more entertaining.


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