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Raspberry Pi 4 board

New Raspberry Pi 4

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The Raspberry Pi foundation has released an updated model of their small computer. The Raspberry Pi 4 has numerous upgrades over the previous generation, which is already a popular choice in the tinkerer community. The boards are known for their versatility and usefulness for learning to code and DIY projects.

What’s new?

The newest features of the Raspberry Pi 4 are an impressive jump. The processor is significantly faster despite having virtually the same clock speed because of stronger cores. It supports USB 3 and charges via USB C. It supports 4K video over HDMI.  Previously, the memory capacity did not exceed 1 GB. The new board has three options – one, two, and four GB.

What does that mean?

The improved functionality from a stronger CPU, GPU, and memory will benefit Raspberry Pi users greatly. The boards are strong enough now to be a viable option for general desktop use. Not that previous versions weren’t, but they will be more up-to-speed with what users are used to from more powerful devices. Additionally, it stands to improve the capabilities of Raspberry Pi as a DIY tool because it opens the field for more uses. They are already employed in countless ways to include home surveillance, robotics, and drone technology.

The addition of USB 3 means that data will transfer significantly faster. There are many add-on tools for Raspberry Pi which support one function or another that will benefit from more powerful transfer. The Ethernet port now supports full gigabit transfer as well, so network speeds are improved. Aside from 4K support, there is an additional display available. This is an improvement over the Raspberry Pi 3’s single monitor.

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