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PC cases – What to Consider

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It can be easy to overlook the case when building a custom gaming PC. So much attention is paid to the exciting parts inside that affect the performance and speed, but the case is the foundation. It is the first thing that people see when they look, and it also has significant implications on how the system is designed. There are a few things to consider when making a choice of case.


The case of a custom PC has direct influence on which cooling solutions are available. In small form factor cases, space and air flow is limited. The temps will need to be managed with minimal hardware. Full-sized cases have room for hardline liquid cooling loops or additional fans. Knowing which components will be inside the system and how they’ll be used will narrow the choices by eliminating cases that won’t accommodate the need of the user.


The identity of a build starts with the case. Some users desire a buttoned-up look because they use their system for professional work. Other users start with a case covered in RGB. There isn’t a right or wrong when choosing the look of a system, but it is important to pay attention to how much a case can do to be customized. Don’t buy an all-black case with solid panels if you plan to add a color scheme in the future. Inversely, don’t buy a case with extra lighting and windows if you don’t plan on making use of it.

Personal Preferences

As with most things, the choice comes down to preference too. Which side of the case should the power button be on? Is there a built-in RGB controller? Are the glass side panels on hinges for easy removal? There are worlds of extra features that different manufacturers offer, so be sure to consider which of these appeal to you while deciding.

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