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VR on the Rise

VR on the Rise

Virtual Reality

We’ve highlighted some of the hottest accessories and headsets that currently sit on top of the VR industry. As we all know with an industry this young, there are sure to be other competitors that are getting ready to make their splash. Dozens of VR projects are beginning to surface with a wide range of prices from companies as big as Sony to multiple Kickstarter campaigns just trying to wedge themselves in the door. It’s possible for any of these companies to come and make a splash in the industry with groundbreaking prices, features, and graphics. The only thing that will be able to determine their impact is time, but until that, we have a few predictions of who will be making that dive sooner rather than later.

Meta 2

We’ve heard it for years to pick your head up from the table and start interacting in the conversation. The CEO of Meta, Meron Gribetz, couldn’t agree more. He and his team feel as if technology and natural human interaction need to harmonize as one in the world. For that exact reason, they designed the augmented reality headset, the Meta 2. It has a 2560 x 1440 display that also includes a positional tracking system that allows your hands to interact with what is displayed in front of you. This feature includes the ability to communicate with full images of friends and interact with objects. The Meta two hasn’t quite the market yet, but you can pre-order yours for $949 right now.

Sony Playstation VR

Sony is coming a bit late to the party when it comes mainstream VR. Although it may not be released yet, it does have some specifications that could propel it towards the top. It comes with a slightly smaller amount of resolutions for each eye than the Oculus or Vive, at 960×1080, but offers the same amount if not more games. The question to ask yourself is if the slight choppier graphics are worth the amount of games involved. Along with the selection of games, the Sony VR headset comes at an affordable price. It is set to hit the market at $399.99 which is already half the price of the Vive and $200.00 cheaper than the Oculus. The only issue is that the system doesn’t come with all of the needed accessories to play most of the games available. This may sound a bit intimidating, but it will still be much more affordable the Vive or Rift.

Razer OSVR

Razer OSVR has exactly the right idea for the direction VR should be heading. As its title displays it is looking to extend the open source capabilities of the PC to the VR game. It has a two OLED screens that feature a 2160×1200 resolution with a refresh rate that is comparable to both the Rift and Vive for only $399. The one things that really seems to hurt the Razer is its lack of a room tracking system and lack of compatibility. Oculus runs into the same problem that you need to have a third party accessory to truly immerse yourself into the consumer idea of what virtual reality really is. The compatibility will be something that just needs to develop over time. Unfortunately, Razer is a bit ahead of the game right now which makes it hard for certain titles to work fluently with the headset. Overall, the Razer has the right idea on where VR should be heading in the near future.


There can’t be a true goliath in the VR industry yet because of the youth and amount discover in the field itself. Until that is established, more and more companies will look to pave their way as innovators in open source virtual and augmented reality.


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