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Custom computer

What Makes a True Custom Computer Manufacturer?

True Custom

Over the past few decades, technology has expanded and grown more than ever thought possible. As this technology grows, so does the digit user’s specific wants and needs. In the world of computers, customization is everything. To be able to configure a system to meet the exact needs and to handle the exact calculations the user throws at it is not only a desire, but a necessity. No two users are the same and neither should be their computers. Oddly enough, there are only a few select companies in the industry today who fully recognize the importance of customization and can call themselves a true custom computer manufacturer.

So, what exactly is it that makes a true custom computer manufacturer?

intel and amd chipsets

Not Limiting Brands

In the custom configuration world, it is not uncommon to find brand exclusivity on certain sites, meaning only offering one manufacturer of components (i.e. Intel vs. AMD). When you take away the full array of options and narrow the selection down to only one or two brands, the authenticity of true customization drops tremendously. Every brand on the market has something unique and special to offer for a user and that user should have the option to select the right brand for their needs.

Some people are Intel guys and some people are AMD guys, there’s nothing wrong with that. No matter what brand you’re loyal too, you shouldn’t be forced to use a component that you don’t feel 100% confident about.

P67 chipset and intel processor

Wide Variety of Chipsets

Although chipsets aren’t the most talked about or the flashiest component of a PC, they are certainly one of the most important. Ranging from your average household chipsets to your top of the line chipsets, there’s an option out there for every level. Narrowing down to only a few chipset options in the design stages limits the flexibility to create a true custom built computer.

Cater to Countless Solutions

When a company prides itself on being a custom computer manufacturer, they are priding themselves on the ability to fulfill the needs of any customer, no matter the request. Whether it’s configuring the most powerful liquid cooled gaming PC with out of this world optimization or designing a super small and quiet media computer, a true manufacturer can deliver the right product.

custom pc

Aesthetic Freedom

As all custom computer owners can attest, immense hours of planning and research goes into designing the perfect configuration. Each individually selected component working together to make a perfectly synchronized machine is a work of art. Why should the aesthetic beauty of a computer have to stop with the interior components? A true custom computer manufacturer encourages its customers to express themselves on the exterior of the chassis through style and creative imagination.

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