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Why esports matter

Why You Should Care About eSports


Everyone has some sort of dream whether it be catching the winning touchdown, scoring the winning goal, winning a Grammy or winning an Oscar. And so most people have heard of Lionel Messi, Tom Brady, Beyonce, and Tom Hanks. So how many people have heard the name Joseph “Mango” Marquez or Adam “Armada” Lindgren? Did you know that they are professional Super Smash Brothers Melee players? Or Team EnVyUs, who just competed in one of the most competitive Overwatch tournaments? Well these are names you should know, especially if you’re interested in gaming. With technology advancing as fast as it is, eSports are already becoming a hugely popular phenomenon and will continue to grow as fans flock to these huge events.


So why should you care? After all you were the starting quarterback of your football team. Besides you’ve beaten Dark Souls so obviously you’re a good gamer.


Well you should care. Not only will some of these guys be virtually untouchable to any casual gamer, but the very best ones are starting to rake in the dough (by that we mean money). And that Dark Souls game that took you over sixty hours to beat? There are players who can beat it in less than an hour so hop on off your high horse.


In 2013 32 million people streamed the final match of the annual League of Legends tournament, more than any game in the world series the same year. The world of eSports is one that is growing at enormous rate, in fact, The University of Toronto just announced an eSports scholarship! With a whole host of large companies such as Audi and Coca-Cola starting to sponsor teams and leagues, it won’t be long until we start seeing eSports regularly on ESPN.


Typically, these big eSports events are held in arenas that can seat thousands of people. Of course, since these events are so big competitors want to use the best possible equipment, as they’ll be playing on PC’s. These events are becoming so popular that not only are they attended by large amounts of people, but they’re streamed by millions of viewers regularly. Not only is the industry growing, but gaming and especially professional gaming shows links between level of gaming ability and one’s cognitive ability.  According to studies done by Foundry10, a research firm dedicated to researching how people learn, “We observed a significant relation between gaming experience and response time on the location memory task… Furthermore, our results extend previous gaming research that suggests that individual differences in gaming experience are correlated with the speed of recalling spatial information from long term memory.” Despite the marketability of eSports becoming a booming business, researchers are finding new ways in which you should care about this growing industry.


The world of eSports is growing quickly, and we at AVADirect don’t want anyone to be left behind. There are hundreds of way to get involved. Starting from playing games at your home, to logging on to Twitch to watch some of the best in world compete, it’s something that could capture almost everyone’s attention.

My name is Ian Varnish and I am an Ohio native. I've lived in Columbus and Cleveland where I am currently pursuing a degree in Communications at Cleveland State University. I've recently been employed at AVADirect and I am also the head coach for Padua Franciscan High School's men's varsity soccer team.

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