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avadirect avalanche hardline liquid cooled pc

Hardline Liquid-Cooling a PC

True Custom

A PC Cooler than the Other Side of the Pillow?

Why choose a water-cooled gaming computer? Well because it’s the coolest — seriously. No, literally. It’s the top-of-the-line customization/cooling strategy you can implement to get the maximum output from your high-performance gaming computer. Just like a car, all that digital horsepower needs an outlet, like an exhaust. Where do electrons and heat go? What prevents your PC from bursting into flames?

Featured in the brand new AVADirect Avalanche Gaming Computer, PETG hardline liquid-cooling tubing takes liquid-cooling a PC to the next level. It’s like having a digital sports car. You have the ability to get the most out of your machine by optimizing the parts and rounding it off with the best performance-based cooling. Think of PETG tubing as the best cold air intake on a car.

Before we cover the reasons why PETG tubing is a massive step above the rest: let’s review the science behind what PETG actually is. PETG (Polyethylene terephthalate glycol-modified) pipes are tube-shaped polymers produced by chemically-combining carbon molecules and then either extruding or casting the resin to take on the physical attributes of the tubing.

Another popular alternative is acrylic tubing. Acrylic polymer compounds were crafted in the late 70s to replace glass in some situations combining the durability and functionality of plastic pipes.

But why would you want rigid tubing in a custom PC? Here are a few key reasons

  1. First, as with anything customized, is just raw & pure aesthetics. Visual supremacy. Are you someone that enjoys tight, crisp, visually enticing straight lines? This is an attractive feature for any enthusiast that requires a quality look and feel when configuring a new gaming pc….PETG is most likely the tubing choice for you. Due to the rigidity of PETG, it allows the PC builder to give you much straighter lines than any flexible tubing ever could give you – conform the tube loop into any desirable shape and allow the liquid to take any route you need it to (which is great if you want to customize a really intricate loop).
  2. Next, is the lack of plasticizers. If you’ve ever seen a cooling loop that has discolored tubing or a gunk build-up, chances are it’s probably that plasticizer (which is used to make flexible plastic tubing softer). PETG tubing has none of this, so will not discolor, cloud up, or cause your loop to clog from coolant discharge.
  3. The final key benefit is durability. Industry experts can attest, once you have configured the right loop, you will find that these tubes can and will last a long, long time. They take heat from your PC more effectively and ensure that your hardware is running at ridiculously low temperatures.

Configuring custom PETG tubing for a high-powered PC can be tricky without the technical know-how and experience. That’s where boutique custom computer builders come in.  Here at AVADirect, we have prototyped and tested a few different configurations for optimal cooling performance… We designed the Avalanche. The AVADirect Team voices and guarantees this system will run in the top percentile of any benchmark, overclocking, or game test.

Recently, the Avalanche was reviewed by CNET – see what they have to say about hardline liquid cooling and the positive effects it has on the configuration.

Performance-wise, the Avalanche backs up its impressive benchmarking scores with real world results […] I dare you to find a game that the Avalanche can’t run with all settings maxed out at 1440p. It’s just that powerful. I hooked the machine up to an ASUS Swift ROG G-Sync monitor (1440p) and a few 4K monitors for comparison. The Avalanche barely skipped a step making the jump to 4K […] the final product is not only a liquid-cooled machine that outperforms every similar rig we’ve tested, it’s also a work of art. ”  -Jeff Bakalar, Senior Editor, Senior Editor / Reviews –

If you would like to read/watch the full CNET review of the Avalanche where Jeff breaks down how acrylic hardline liquid-cooling can enhance a gaming PC, hit play on the video below.

Stay cool :)

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