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Good ideas have a short shelf life. Act upon them before the expiration date.I'm an animated PR guy with an Irish twist. When I'm not busy with my tech life, I love spending time in the outdoors: fishing, skiing, biking.

stacked computer processors stacked computer processors
CPU Comparison: Which One is Right for You?

Throughout history, we’ve seen some great PC company rivalries unfurl. We’ve expressed the history behind one of the greatest corporate bouts of all time in

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VIDIA Graphics Cards: Quadro vs. GeForce VIDIA Graphics Cards: Quadro vs. GeForce
NVIDIA Graphics Cards: Quadro vs. GeForce

Now that we’ve opened up the conversation to what makes top GPU companies (AMD and NVIDIA) different by highlighting the specifics behind what makes each company’s

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best GPU company AMD or NVIDIA best GPU company AMD or NVIDIA
Who’s the best GPU company? AMD or NVIDIA

Time for a face off, the biggest players in the graphics card industry. Both company’s product offer different performance benefits — so what makes them

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avadirect avalanche hardline liquid cooled pc avadirect avalanche hardline liquid cooled pc
Hardline Liquid-Cooling a PC

A PC Cooler than the Other Side of the Pillow? Why choose a water-cooled gaming computer? Well because it’s the coolest — seriously. No, literally.

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AVADirect Custom Liquid Cooled Gaming Desktop AVADirect Custom Liquid Cooled Gaming Desktop
Air-Cooled vs. Liquid-Cooled Computers

The Background Before we dive too deep into the different cooling systems available for configuration in a custom computer, let’s take a step back and

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Pioneering Virtual Reality Hardware

Let’s face it — GPU’s can output more detail and enhance the PC experience on many levels. Whether your playing, rendering, creating, editing… it augments

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Virtuix Omni - virtual reality Virtuix Omni - virtual reality
Custom Virtual Reality Peripherals

If you’ve had a chance to experience a virtual reality headset already, you can rightfully say that the graphics are there… personally, my mind started

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virtual reality virtual reality
Virtual Reality is Finally Reality

It’s mind-blowing considering how far we’ve come — well… technology as a whole, but that’s common knowledge. I’m talking specifically about Virtual Reality (VR). You strap

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Custom computer Custom computer
What is a Custom Computer?

A custom computer is a technological extension of the physical user. How do you want to define yourself? The line in the sand has been

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