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hottest pc games of 2016

Hottest PC Games of 2016 So Far

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Believe it or not, we are already almost done with the August and ready to move into the fall. It has been a big year so far for the gaming industry, including some new releases, classic remakes, and the release of the virtual reality headsets. So far this year the hottest games released are Overwatch and No man’s Sky with arguably more hype than any games ever released, already topping over 10 million players online. Then there was a sequel in Dark Souls III that certainly made its splash as a returning success in the market. PC Gaming had another big year, and we are here to recap it for you. 


If you haven’t seen this commercial or played the game then you are clearly living under a rock. Blizzard entertainment has produced a game that in a short three months has received excellent reviews from almost every publisher there is. It has basically everything you can possibly want when it comes to a quality competitive multiplayer game. There are 21 unique characters with abilities that can be complimented separately in order to help your team achieve success. Now, Overwatch may not feature a ton of maps or different games, but the quality of what it does have makes it a must have. The thing that makes Overwatch different is its ability to incorporate even the so called “bad” players. Its competitive team oriented multiplayer accents unique roles that make each player important, whether that may be defending, attacking, or a payroll mode. All in all, Overwatch is being called just flat out fun. Its addicting gameplay and well thought out maps make it the must have game of 2016.


No Man’s Sky

This game is all over the place. The reviews are spotty and the game is incredibly complex. If you’re into it though, you won’t be able to put it down. No Man’s Sky is a single player game that takes you through up 18 quintillion stars that you just randomly spawn in. The overall goal of the game is to keep upgrading your inventory in order to get bigger and better ships. This is done through trading in different stations with the attendant at the front desk. Unfortunately, besides doing that No Man’s Sky doesn’t offer much besides that. It lacks a narrative and ultimate goal but it might be enough to keep up with updates and other features that will be added. Since it’s release on August 9th, 2016 No Man’s Sky has lost 90% of its concurrent player count. Many would consider this the most overhyped game, and maybe even biggest flop, of 2016.

no mans sky

Dark Souls III

If you make a game three times than it’s probably going to keep being a success. Multiple critic reviews landed it a MetaScore of 89 on where it was quoted multiple times as one of the beast action RPG games to hit the market in recent years. Dark Souls is packed with wonderfully exciting weapons and pure combat styles that somehow make apocalyptic setting somewhat graceful. The graphics and details of the game are nothing less than fantastic, and has been noted for some of the best voice over acting that the gaming industry has ever seen. With new villains that are even more deadly, along with all of the other improvements to the gameplay, Dark Souls III is a hit that you’re going to want take part in.

darksouls 3


This wasn’t a year that a revolutionary new Call of Duty was released or anything, but it sure did have its highlights. New series such as OverWatch and No Man’s Sky have given us enough of a reason to believe that they may have some serious potential to become household name gaming franchises in the coming years, and may be doing it faster than we expected. Dark Souls III already expanded on their sterling reputation and may have just ended on the perfect note. Purchase any of these games now, fire up your gaming pc and let them do the talking for themselves.

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