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Intel Core i7 vs i5 Intel Core i7 vs i5
Intel Core i5 vs i7

There are many Intel processors available for purchase. These are grouped into a number of categories. The Intel Xeon processors are designed for use in

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CAD Workstation CAD Workstation
3D Workstations at a Glance

When it comes to CAD, 3D modelling or animation, first thing that comes into the mind is a workstation PC. So, why it is so?

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rugged laptops rugged laptops
Rugged laptops – Pushing it to The Limit

Imagine yourself being an archaeologist doing a research somewhere at the edge of the Earth, or maybe a construction engineer working hard by building a

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Mini PC Mini PC
Mini PC – as small as it gets

A while ago mobile phones were big and heavy. A while ago camcorders and digital cameras were big and heavy. A while ago computers were…

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AVA Sixense VR Desktop AVA Sixense VR Desktop
Virtual Reality – More than a Fad

At AVADirect we are excited about the future of virtual reality. Other recent trends in the entertainment electronics space, like 3D, have faded and become

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silent pc silent pc
A Silent PC, In peace and quiet…

The way humans perceive noise coming out from the computer case is relative. Some people tend not to notice it and have a minor concern

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