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Your Custom Holiday PC Build for 2019 – Build a New Custom Gaming PC with AVADirect


Your Holiday PC Build

Why Get a Custom PC Around the Holidays?
There are many great reasons to build a custom PC:  speed, superior cooling system, easier upgrades, cool case designs and the best and most obvious reason – you choose the components. 

Add one more reason to get a custom PC now – deep-discount, money-saving holiday offers LINK to AVADirect offers.  

Should I Buy an AMD or Intel Base PC?

When determining which direction you should go – an AMD or Intel Based PC – consider these points:

  • Overall, both companies produce processors that resemble each other in many ways – perform better per core.
  • However, AMD makes up for the difference with more cores at a given price and superior onboard graphics.
custom desktop pc

The AMD CPU and GPU advantages that give them the edge for holiday builds.

Advocates of AMD offer these advantages:

  • For GPUs, there is typically a price advantage. 
  • For CPUs, the value is in that they are now offering increased efficiency and performance to become more competitive with Intel. 

The Intel CPU advantages that give them the edge for holiday builds.

Advocates of Intel CPU processors contend that Intel offers certain advantages:

  • Power consumption – Intel can use less electricity than its competitors.
  • Heat generation – Intel has a reputation for generating less heat
  • Compatibility – Intel is more prevalent in the market with a wide range of motherboards available

When it comes to best practices for choosing to have a CPU and GPU from the same brand – there is no drawback in mixing and matching. 

NVIDIA – GPU Advantages that give them the edge for holiday builds.

custom gaming pc

NVIDIA is a leading provider of GPU technologies and offers these advantages: 

  • Great 3D user experience
  • Increased productivity
  • Crisp, vibrant photos
  • Smooth, hi-def videos
  • Ultra-realistic games
  • Delivers better graphics, OH, and RAY TRACING.
  • Faster performance

Build your custom gaming PC.

More About the Brands

What should gamers be looking for next year? 

One product that is being eagerly anticipated by the gaming community in 2020 is the arrival of NVIDIAs new graphics cards.

Money is a factor for most buyers. How important is it to shop by brand only? Can less costly brands still deliver an overall quality performance?

It depends on what part of performance is more important to you. If you’re on a budget, certain brands tend to offer solutions within your means. If you’re not, opt for the reputable brand and quality everywhere you can. When in doubt, contact qualified customer service at an independent custom PC builder like AVADirect. 

How important is warranty information and customer support?

At AVADirect, most of us are gamers. So we offer the support we’d value as customers ourselves. As part of our support, we offer fluent knowledge in what your warranty offers – as well as extensive product information. You’ll receive clear, concise, support – the most knowledgeable in the industry. Fun fact: We partner only with the best, using high-quality parts that leave you unlikely to rely on a warranty to begin with – but the warranties are among the best in the business, too!

Who builds AVADirect custom computers?
Our team of eight Solutions Engineers design, assemble, test and quality assure every custom built PC AVADirect sells.  

Build your dream PC with us. 

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