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Hi! Eric's the name, blogging's the game! When I'm not glued to my screen you can find me shredding at the local skate park. Go Flashes!

What Makes a Gaming PC a Gaming PC

When shopping around for a desktop, you might see several computers that pack some pretty impressive specs, but aren’t marketed as gaming PCs. You can

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GTC 2016 GTC 2016
GTC 2016

The GPU Development Conference wrapped up last week, and there were several exciting announcements coming from Nvidia. Jen-Hsun Huang, Nvidia CEO, addressed some of the

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Upcoming Games of 2016 Upcoming Games of 2016
Upcoming Games of 2016

This year is shaping up to be an amazing year for gaming. With so many titles on the horizon, you may need to pick and

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VR in medicine VR in medicine
VR in Action: Medicine

Nearly every industry has been began to accept virtual reality in some capacity as a way to improve the way that they conduct business. However,

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VR in action: AUTO VR in action: AUTO
VR in Action: Auto

As virtual reality continues to be adopted for uses outside of entertainment, many forward thinking companies are finding ways to incorporate this emerging technology into

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Vr in action space Vr in action space
VR in Action: Space

Advances in virtual reality are creating remarkable opportunities for people to immerse themselves into environments that they never would be able to otherwise. Virtual reality

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VR in Action Film VR in Action Film
VR in Action: Film

One surprising area that virtual reality technology is gaining traction is the film industry. While the driving force behind the development of VR has always

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