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M.2 SSDs

Building a PC and Choosing the Right storage


What kind of storage is right for you in 2022?

Storage. Something you can never have enough of. Choosing the right kind of storage could be something important, depending on what you are doing on your custom computer. Are you looking for a gaming PC? Are you on an enterprise level and need a desktop or workstation computer? A little bit of everything? Finding the right storage for your PC use is incredibly easy.

Building a PC with HDDs

The tried-and-true hard disk drive (HDD) has been around for ages, gets the job done and they are very cost effective. However, that does not mean this is the perfect fit. These units can end up with laser scratches on the actual disk which will immediately ruin the HDD. They also have terribly slow speeds compared to solid state drives (SSD). However, if that does not bother you then HDDs are the way to go. You can get a 4tb HDD for around $80 and that is a great amount of space for the cost.

However, due to increasing size requirements for games and speed requirements for higher end applications, HDDs are not the way of the future. That is where SSD’s come in.

Building a PC with SSDs

Solid State Drives, or SSDs for short, are incredible. You can load Windows in a matter of seconds. Your games load ten times faster. You can transfer files at incredible speeds as well. SSDs have been more affordable as of recent, however the higher you get up in size capacity, the more costly they become. A 4tb 2.5 inch SSD is roughly $400 whereas a 4tb m.2 is roughly $700.  That is a huge cost, however the average person does not need a 4tb SSD, while it is nice, it is not needed. A 1tb SSD, both m.2 and 2.5 inch, are much more affordable than the past. You can get a 2.5 inch under $100 on sale and an m.2 a little over $120.

Which is the better form of storage for gaming PCs?

I have always had an HDD for games that I do not play often but play on occasion. While they load slower, it is not a big deal as I do not play them much. Multiplayer games and games I play on a daily, I like to have those on my SSD for the quick loading times. Open world games on an SSD allow a quicker load time for the assets in those titles, which is nice, so you do not see any blurred assets or assets that are simply not there.

When it comes to storage, it really boils down to affordability and your needs. You can get a 500gb SSD and 1-2 tb HDD for a competitive price. In some cases, that is all you need. If you are on an enterprise level, the 4tb+ capacity SSDs and 10tb+HDDs come into play as they are much more needed for those solutions.

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