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Buying a Motherboard For Your Custom Computer

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Motherboards – What are they good for in Custom Computers?

Motherboards are fascinating, in our opinion.  One single piece of equipment that is crucial to a smooth running PC (alongside other parts, of course).  On the outside looking in, it is a component that I often see that is overlooked.  However, it is such a critical component that deserves love.  In this blog, we will be highlighting some awesome features that this critical component has to offer for your custom computer.

Chipsets – Does it matter in Custom Computers?

One critical thing you must take into account is the chipsets.  What I mean by that, is you can’t pair an Intel CPU with an X570 board, or AMD with a Z690 board.  It is imperative that you make sure you are getting the proper chipset motherboard for the CPU of your choice.  There is another big thing to take into account, more so with Intel, and that is making sure that the CPU of your choice works with the motherboard – you cannot pair an i9-9900k with a Z690, or Z590 for that matter.  If you were to purchase a computer desktop from AVADirect, our configurator and instabuilder solutions will automatically pair you with the correct CPU and motherboard.

What else does a motherboard do in your custom Computer?

Motherboards are the true mind behind everything – yes, CPU’s make the whole process run, and GPU’s provide amazing graphics for the video games you are playing, but what do you think makes that happen?  You got it — motherboards.  They are not only responsible for sending adequate power to each component, but piecing everything together to run in sync, from your CPU cooler to your SSD, to the RGB strip that you have connected.  The motherboard makes it all work as one in your custom PC.

Does a motherboard affect gaming performance?

In short – no, it does not.  However, there are features that motherboards can have that can help other component’s performance, such as an overclockable board, memory speed limits, PCIe 4.0 lanes, friendly BIOS interfaces, as well as minor things such as WiFi and USB ports.

What kind of motherboard should you choose for your custom computer?

This all comes down to personal preference and what is needed.  If you are planning on doing basic tasks, such as internet browsing, emailing, and watching videos, you don’t need to spend a crazy amount of money.  A board such as the MSI Pro Z690-A will do the trick for those usages.  For a gaming PC, we recommend the MSI MPG Z690 Edge Wifi as it is a fantastic board for all the needs a gamer would need.

Motherboards shouldn’t be looked at as a component that you just use to make better components work – they should be looked at as the lifeline for the computer; the true mastermind behind the operations.  Doing your research on what is needed for your configuration could boil down to multiple m.2 slots, or a handful of SATA connection ports.  Always take time to look into a motherboard to see if it meets your needs, so you don’t get stuck missing features that you might need.

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