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Best Gaming Computers of 2016

The Best Gaming Computers of 2016: Budget PCs, 2-in-1s, Ultrabooks and more.

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When you’re navigating the sea of different specs and builds when trying find the best gaming computer for you, it can feel a little overwhelming. In order to help yourself sift through the endless stream articles and guides that claim to point you to perfect PC, you should ask one important question, What am I actually going use this PC for?

Obviously you’re looking for a gaming computer, but what kind of gamer are you? Are you an enthusiast who needs to play the latest games on ultra settings, a student who needs the mobility of a laptop, but still wants to be able to play World of Warcraft between classes, or a gamer who wants to be able to play their favorite titles without breaking the bank.

When answering this question, it’s important to be honest with yourself, because getting a PC that actually suits your needs without going over the top could end up saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars. The extra money you spend on a Skylake i7 procesor, dual graphics cards, and liquid cooling might not be going to good use if the games that you like to play aren’t that graphic intensive.

If you’re a student or tend to travel a lot for work, you may want to go for a 2-in-1 or an ultrabook instead of a custom gaming desktop. dollar-for-dollar, laptops are always going to end up with less power when compared to their desktop counterparts, but for many the versatility is worth it. If gaming is your primary focus, there is a variety of gaming laptops to choose from that offer mobility along with a lot of power. Gaming laptops are going to give you the best performance, but they tend to be short on battery life, which can be a problem if you’re not always parked at a desk next to an outlet. It may be important to strike a balance between functionality and computing power, and a mobile workstation that can also perform well for gaming may be the right fit. If you’re looking for good performance and build quality, along with a sleek design and strong battery life, we suggest you take a look at the ASUS Zenbook series.

If you are strictly a desktop gamer, but are looking to stretch your budget, you can save a lot by taking the time to pick your computers specs carefully. You might end up using an older chipset or a less expensive graphics card, but if you choose to cut costs in the right areas, you can still play the games you love at silky smooth frame rates. For those interested in configuring their own custom gaming PC without having to go through the trouble of building it themselves, we offer this option through our true custom desktops.

However for the enthusiasts, cutting any type of performance just isn’t an option. We understand that there are people who need to play their favorite games on ultra settings with incredible frame rates, and will not accept anything less. For those people we offer out signature series desktops. Between our Avalanche Series and our newly released VR ready systems, we have plenty of options for custom gaming computers that can handle anything that gets thrown at them.

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