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Custom Notebook Computers

Portable Power When You’re On-the-Go

Interested in a custom laptop?  Then you’ve come to the right place!  AVADirect builds custom notebook computers for everyone from home users, to gamers, to professionals. Choose from a wide variety of laptops that offer extreme portability, heavy processing power, impressive gaming performance, durability or all-around versatility. Take a look at our custom notebooks guide video for more information about what we offer in this section.

About AVADirect Custom Laptops

When it comes to custom laptops, AVADirect offers a variety of high-quality laptops designed to specifically meet your needs, whether it’s ultra-portability, processing heavy workloads, durability, high gaming performance or just solid all-around versatility.

You can go one step even further and customize your components in our custom notebook computers with our newly redesigned configurators. Add features or upgrade the components on your custom notebook, such as the memory, SSD, HDD and cooling options, so you don’t have to upgrade later on down the road.

AVADirect has built partnerships with the top computer component manufacturers in the industry, so you can configure your custom notebook with the latest CPUs and GPUs on the market from Intel, AMD and NVIDIA.

The team members at AVADirect are PC enthusiasts just like you, and that’s why we want you to have the best possible experience from start to finish. Our sales team is available to help you create a custom laptop that’s built to match your individual needs and tailored to perform the tasks you take on the most. They’ll even suggest the best-performing components available, within your price range.

From there, our team of skilled technicians will build your custom notebook to the exact specifications, down to every last detail. Assembled with strict procedures, and with the highest quality parts available, your AVADirect custom notebook computer will be a high-performing machine that exceeds your expectations.

If you’re constantly on the go, one of our light-weight, ultra-portable options, with long-lasting battery life, may be the best fit for you. With your choice of sleek, modern and ultra-thin cases, you’ll find the perfect custom notebook that suits your needs and your style requirements.

Need heavy-lifting power to complete your workloads? Choose from a variety of powerful, high-performance custom laptops that can tear through heavy rendering and compute-intensive workloads. Get professional-grade graphics with a workstation-class GPU that can edit, render and compile your graphics-intense projects effortlessly, all with an AVADirect mobile workstation.

Need a durable case, built to withstand on-the-job wear and tear? Protect your work, with one of our rugged custom laptops built to handle impact. AVADirect offers a wide array of laptops built specifically for industrial professionals that need additional protection, with a thicker case and durable construction.

Regardless of what type of laptop you purchase, an AVADirect custom laptop is guaranteed to give you the power you need to succeed. And with our personalized customer service and free, lifetime technical support, we’ll always provide you with the expertise you need to keep your system running strong.