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Build Your Project With AVADirect Custom Computers

AVADirect Custom Computers offers additional customization options to bring your dream PC to life.
Laser etching, custom paint possibilities, modded case options, professionally applied decals, branding services, and more are all available when AVADirect builds your PC.

Custom Computer Personalization Options

AVAdirect barebone pc
Precision Laser Etching

Etching is a great way to embed your professional logo or favorite design on your custom PC. An etched glass panel is the perfect finishing touch for your desktop PC. The outside casing of a laptop can be etched as well, if you're looking for portable solutions.

AVAdirect barebone pc
Painting Solutions

Perfect your AVADirect PC with paint! Hand-painted designs are an option for any order for a splash of color. VADirect offers professional refinishing options, allowing you to choose the colors of the interior and exterior portions of your chassis.

AVAdirect barebone pc
Custom Decals

Picture perfect customization. Add your favorite photo, character, or professional business logo to your custom desktop or laptop. Professionally applied by a member of our production team in the area of your choice.

AVAdirect barebone pc
Unlimited Possibilities

AVADirect takes customization to a whole new level. From a meticulously modded PC inspired by your favorite game to ruggedized travel cases so you can safely bring your equipment with you, wherever you go.

Need Help Personalizing Your New PC?

See a solution or have a unique idea to customize your PC? Work with our sales team to bring your idea to life.
They'll be able to best advise on branding options, custom artwork, and give advice on what type of customization would be best suited for your custom pc needs.

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