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True Custom Computer Builder specializing in Assembly of Gaming Computers, Laptops, Workstations, Servers

Building Business Solutions with AVADirect

20 years of experience building custom computer solutions for professional and business use.

Complete Your Project with AVADirect
Complete Your Project with AVADirect

AVADirect Custom Computers has been providing a variety of custom-built technology solutions for a variety of industries. With over 20 years of experience, AVADirect has built multi-user VR travel kits that perfect for bringing the power of virtual reality to your customers. Real estate agents can show clients a variety of decorating options; architects can walk clients through multiple designs. AutoCAD workstations allow engineers to create renditions of products using various materials before production. Content Creation workstations allow users to fully harness the power of Adobe After Effects, Premiere, or DaVinci Resolve with minimal stuttering and better render times. Our sales team has insider knowledge from many industries gathered over years of experience. They are happy to help you build cost-effective solutions built for your unique needs.