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reseat RAM in a custom desktop PC

How to Remove and Reseat Memory in a Desktop Computer

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Why would you need to reseat RAM in a custom desktop PC?

There may come a point in time during the ownership of your custom PC where your memory may fail. The utmost emphasis can be placed on putting quality parts into a desktop PC, but just like on a vehicle, parts can fail and having quick and easy repair options such as the Advanced Replacement policy offered on some of our higher tiered warranties makes things easy!

With that in mind, let’s say your memory does fail, and you want to either send it in to us for replacement, or you wish to have the memory advanced replaced, but you’re unsure of how to remove the failed memory from your desktop computer. Well, that is quite easy! Removing your memory just takes a few steps.

How to remove RAM from a Desktop Tower

  1. Power down your PC and unplug the power cord from the wall.
  2. Drain remaining power from the system by holding down the power button for 30 seconds
  3. Remove the side panel of the case covering the face of the motherboard.Remove the side panel of the case
  4. Locate your memory. This is typically located to the right of where your CPU is mountedmemory on the motherboard
  5. Open the top clip on each DIMM slot containing the stick of memory you intend to remove.clip on DIMM slot
  6. Open the bottom clip on each DIMM slot containing the stick of memory you intend to remove. Not every board has bottom clips on the memory slot that can open. If yours doesn’t please move on to the next step.
  7. Ensure there is nothing blocking the memory from the front. If nothing is blocking the memory, then you can proceed to remove each stick. They should pull straight out, though if that offers too much resistance lifting one end at a time may help, just make sure the clips are open.reseat RAM in a custom desktop PC

How to reinstall RAM in a Desktop Computer

Once the memory is out of the desktop pc, reinstalling it, or installing a new kit is essentially the reverse of the removal process.

  1. Ensure the top and bottom (if applicable) clips are open on the DIMM slots you intend to use.clip on DIMM slot
  2. Orient your memory to ensure you are installing it the correct way up. Each stick of memory has a notch that is offset from the center of the stick and each DIMM slot has a corresponding nub that will go into the notch. The memory can only go in one way.
  3. Insert your memory. Place the stick into the slot, then put a thumb on each end of the stick and apply equal pressure to push the stick into the slot. You should feel or hear both ends of the stick click when it’s fully seated. If the stick is teetertottering then you are hitting the notch mentioned in step 2, and you should reorient the memory stick.Insert memory
  4. Once your memory is full seated inspect it by visually checking to see if the clips are fully closed. You can also give each stick a light pull to make sure it doesn’t come out of the slot due to poor seating.
  5. Once it passes your quick visual and physical check simply plug the PC back in and power it up. If you had XMP enabled, then it may need to be reenabled after this process. Please refer to your motherboard’s manual for instructions on how to do that.

And that is that! You have now successfully removed and reseated the memory in your custom desktop PC. Should you have any questions or require further assistance with your AVADirect Custom Computer please feel free to reach out to our support team at 866-766-4629 or via email here.

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