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Black Friday

Black Friday Deals to Help Build the Best Custom Gaming PC (2020)

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What are the Best Deals for Custom Gaming PCs?

Black friday deals

Black Friday through Cyber Monday Only – We’re bringing the button back! Get large discounts on Custom PCs built by AVADirect. Choose from our wide selection of Custom Gaming PCs, Desktops, Workstations or Servers.

You can also enjoy Free Shipping and a Free Gift with purchase with all Instabuilder orders. Instabuilder is our gaming PC builder. All you need to do is answer a few quick questions about what games will be played on the PC, the settings you’d like to play them at and how much you’d like to spend. From there, Instabuilder will show you a wide-selection of PCs that match your criteria.

Gaming Computer Towers Built to Last

custom gaming PC

Build your own custom gaming PC. In you want a PC that will last, our top of the line gaming systems offer cutting edge cooling technology. Our hardline liquid-cooled gaming PCs are beautifully-crafted, and affordable high-end liquid-cooled systems in the industry. Liquid-cooling provides the best possible cooling for your components. Keeping them cool and reducing strain while you game for hours on end. High temperatures can reduce longevity of a component’s life, so ensuring they stay as cool as possible is one of the best possible ways to make sure your PC performs at its best for a long time.

Cheap Gaming Computer Towers for Those on a Budget 

You don’t have to make a huge dent in your wallet to get a gaming PC with great performance. If you are on a budget (or just getting into PC gaming), we recommend focusing more on the hardware itself, and not the all the flashy lights most gaming PCs have. Our budget gaming desktops are an amazing value, and offer great selections from Intel and budget-friendly AMD builds.

What is the best deal you have this Black Friday and Cyber Monday? 

In 2018, we debuted “The Button”, a solution for providing a customized discount depending on your unique configuration. 2020 has been quite a year and has been an important reminder about how much we rely on our PCs. We had to bring back the option that allowed our customers the best possible discount on their PC, and we BROUGHT THE BUTTON BACK. Enjoy the best discount we can offer on your customized PC or Free Shipping and a Gift with Instabuilder Purchases!

I’m just getting into gaming, what should I buy?

Our AMD Ryzen 3rd Gen desktops are some of the best in the industry, and allow you an affordable route to PC Gaming. 

I’m buying a gaming tower for my son/daughter, what should I purchase?

Intel Gaming System

We recommend our gaming systems around the kinds of games or content he/she will be using the system for, as this can drastically change the kind of hardware we recommend. For most modern games, our Intel Gaming System is an excellent starting point! Intel powered systems provide great single-core performance for entry level builds, which provides slightly better gaming performance. At minimum, consider a GTX 1660 Super, but if your budget allows an RTX 3070 or Radeon 6000 Series will create a very enjoyable gaming experience.

What additional services are available to AVADirect customers that they wouldn’t get from Big Box stores? 

Modding – We’re huge on modding services. This means, we will cut, drill, paint, engrave, etc. your system to whatever your heart’s content. We, as enthusiasts, have no limits to the systems we build for ourselves, and neither should our customers. 

About AVADirect Tower Gaming PCs

Compatibility or physical limitations aside, AVADirect has, and continues to, build it all: simplistic, modded, liquid-cooled, and the list goes on. Plus, many competitors only build with a very small percentage of the parts we offer, so becoming familiar with hardware that you limit yourself to is easy. It takes authentic industry professionals to understand hardware as such a level that you can open offer any and all hardware available within the industry that you can build a system using anything at your disposal.

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