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Countdown until Black Friday. We can’t wait!

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Black Friday Discounts
In 2018, we debuted “The Button”. A solution for providing a customized discount depending on your unique configuration. It’s 2020 and we have BROUGHT IT BACK. Enjoy the best discount we can offer on your customized PC this Black Friday OR get Free Shipping on qualifying Instabuilder configurations.
Press The Button in
Cart to Apply BIG Savings*
Free US Ground Shipping**
on Instabuilder Configurations
Free Gift with the purchase of
an Instabuilder Configuration***
How “The Button” Works

Button will automatically calculate discount
when pressed on the cart page.

Pick your favorite PC and customize the components.

  • Add Configuration to Cart.
  • Once in Cart Screen, click “Savings button”.
  • Button will apply an algorithm to your unique configuration and create a custom discount. Page will refresh with discount shown.
Every PC we build is customized and unique, so creating a flat discount code that works for every configuration on our site just isn't the best solution. Our Site Engineers went to work and created an algorithm that calculates a one-of-a-kind discount per PC! (Feel free to add as many configurations to the cart as you’d like to see the best savings.)
Step 1
Find your perfect AVADirect PC and customize!
Add to Cart once perfectly configured.
Step 2
Once in cart, click “The Button”
before checkout to reveal your sale price.
Step 3
Your new price will be reflected in the cart.