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Intel’s 13th Gen vs 12th Gen Processors and Benchmarks


Is Intel 13th Gen Out?

Yes, 13th Gen Intel processors are out and available to purchase. Build your next gaming PC, desktop, or workstation with Intel’s 13th gen today. 

What socket will Intel’s 13th Gen Use?

Intel’s 13th Gen CPUs use the LGA1700 socket, the same as the 12th gen Intel processors. These CPUs are compatible with z690, z790, h770, h670, b760, b660 motherboards.

What features does Intel introduce this generation?

Intel has made the decision this generation to shift the number of cores/threads for each product tier having a general uplift in core count and has stuck with the P-core/E-core mixed architecture.

13th Gen Intel processors have doubled their E-cores this generation but sees the same PCIE lanes. Technically this generation of processors was released with a lower base frequency than the last generation, but in practice, all core load has a higher frequency due to the increased E-cores.

OCCT intel cpu benchmark

13th Gen Power Draw

Intel 13th Gen vs 12th Gen Benchmarks

Intel 13th Gen Timespy Scores

Timespy intel cpu benchmark

Timespy testing benefits heavily from core count over raw core performance. You can also clearly see the benefits that additional e-cores bring to Timespy benchmarks. 

13th Gen Geekbench Benchmarks

Geekbench intel cpu benchmark

Geekbench sees small but measurable improvements in single-core performance. The additional e-cores translate directly into improved multicore scoring. The 13th gen sees similar single-core performance to previous generations but major improvements in multicore performance. 

Cinebench 13th Gen Benchmarks

cinebench amd cpu benchmark

Cinebench shows a similar story to Geekbench with minimal single-core improvements from previous generations but is slightly more pronounced than Geekbench. 13700K scores fall in parity with the 12900K in these tests.

Horizon Zero Dawn (1080P Ultra) 13th Gen Benchmarks

Horizon zero dawn 1080p ultimate benchmark

Horizon Zero Dawn sees similar performance across both generations of processors, but 13th Gen does perform better. The 12600K and 12700K left something to be desired in their 0.1% lows whereas comparable 13th Gen processors see a 50% uplift in the lows.

Intel 13th Gen Benchmarks Metro Exodus (1080P, Ultra)

Metro exodus 1080p ultimate benchmark

Metro Exodus shows similar results to our Horizon Zero Dawn benchmarks. 13th Gen sees a slight performance increase in gaming over previous generations.

Where can I buy Intel’s 13th Gen Processors?

AVADirect builds custom computers outfitted with your choice of components. Intel 13th Gen powered computers are available to order here.

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