Aesthetically pleasing and productive

AVADirect All-in-One DesktopsDesktops are what everyone recognizes when we think of a standard PC. Think back a decade from today -- the desktop was a large, ugly box that took up 50% -80% of your desk—How do you think that the name came about? All-in-One desktops by AVADirect represent the ultimate hybrid of form and function. Crafted to be aesthetically pleasing, these custom form factors will be welcomed as a comfortable addition to any corporate desk. The feature form factor on these machines combines the display monitor and the computer hardware itself, in a single, easily moved and uncomplicated package. The all-in-one desktops by AVADirect deliver everything a user needs in one box. The all-in-one desktop provide functionality factors that set this type of form-factor apart from the rest. First, freeing up your workspace and y. Every aspect of the tech industry has centralized its focus around the smallness however not compromising the computing functionality – open up the desk and allow for the optimal, comfortable workstation at the office. These desktops operate solely on one power cord, so you’ll have less unattractive cords running around the place. Next, all-in-ones weigh significantly less than a tower desktop and monitor – this gives you the ease to move that PC to a newly appointed office that came along with that new job promotion. Everything is constructed into one unit with the exception of the keyboard. Audio speakers and a wireless network cards are engineered into your All-in-One desktop --these units will also include Bluetooth accessibility to prevent the need to install a USB wireless keyboard transmitter into one amongst your universal serial bus ports on your laptop. All-in-One desktops by AVADirect accomplish this while retaining the customization options and excellent customer support that represent the core tenets of our business. This clutter free design and professional appearance allows businesses to implement the highest level computing solutions to allow for ultimate creativity, in an ecofriendly, ergonomic design. We take our finest solution oriented configurations, apply the best in class technical know-how and put it to fruition in our All-in-one desktop solutions. Open up the desk, free up the mind, and unleash unrestricted creativeness.