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  • Intel Skylake H170 Custom Computer
    Intel Skylake H170 Custom PC
  • Extreme i7 Custom desktop
    i7 Extreme custom computers
  • Intel z97 custom pc
    Intel z97 custom computer
  • z97 custom silent pc
    z97 custom quiet pc


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Full Size DesktopsFeaturing Full Sized Functionality

Full-size desktops offer outstanding value and incredible flexibility, allowing users the absolute freedom to configure their computer to meet their performance requirements. If your team desires enterprise-level productivity while keeping your budget where it needs to be, we’ve got you covered. Our custom desktop PCs come in several form factors: tower desktops, silent desktops, all-in-one desktops, and PC barebones. Each high-performance desktop computer is built by hand by our team at AVADirect to meet our precise quality standards.

Whether the computing scenario is simple web browsing, accessing the sales cloud, running compressive data analyses, or video editing the next timeless masterpiece on the silver screen; custom full-size desktops enable users to securely deliver digital supremacy, increasing productivity, while reducing operational costs and eco-efficiency. Home users and business personnel can choose from Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems.

Customized to fit your lifestyle

Desktop Computers by AVADirect are ultra durable
Upgrade your desktop PC with high performance RAM

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