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What separates custom workstation computers from custom full-sized desktops? The sheer power – plain and simple. Our custom computer workstation products are performance driven computers that are designed for precise and efficient work such as thousands of data analyses, algorithmic stock trading, or graphical rendering. Workstation pcs require accuracy, and processing speed that set the bar in the workplace and the custom computer space, beyond any commercialized high performance computer available.

At AVADirect our custom workstations are designed for numerous application scenarios for professionals like top level scientists, graphic designers, content editing professionals, and architectural engineers who demand limitless computational and graphical processing power. Regardless of the software, a speedy processor is the primary component to what makes a workstation PC tick. Our workstation selection varies from the full-size tower, rackmount, quiet, and mini form factors – you will find that custom computer workstation selections at AVADirect are nearly unlimited.

Available custom workstations include ATI FireStream™ and NVIDIA® Tesla™ HPC personal supercomputers with revolutionary NVIDIA® CUDA™ parallel computing architecture. Multi-CPU, multi-core Intel® Xeon™ and other custom workstation PCs feature excellent graphics and mathematical computing for media editing, CAD, and video encoding applications. Our technical attention to detail, high powered performance, and hand assembled craftsmanship coupled with competitive pricing create custom PC workstation that fit within your budget and supply the performance you require. When it comes to getting accurate results in a powerful PC solution, look no further than AVADirect. Put your creativity on display, and never be held back by subpar computing again.

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