Unmatched Hardware Selection & Service

At AVADirect we provide all the necessary computer hardware that will accent any new custom computer order, or support an upgrade/optimization of an old computer into a once again cutting-edge machine. Our well renowned partnerships with industry leaders provides every single user an extensive selection of the most premier and sought after computer components for all your custom computer needs. Dive into our revamped e-commerce platform, and experience computer hardware shopping like never before at AVADirect.

We make sure to provide a massive selection of options including one of the widest varieties of hardware components available from custom hardware e-tailers. We span the entire PC industry as we deliver complete and updated product lines of motherboards, video cards (GPUs), hard drives, sound cards, as well as computer peripherals such as keyboards, joysticks, display monitors, and audio headsets. All of our real-time product inventories are paired with high resolution images, hardware specific descriptions, and detailed specifications that allow users to clearly see exactly the computer hardware in consideration.

If you are having difficulty choosing the correct computer hardware component -- Please! Don’t hesitate to contact us directly as we will provide experienced technical insight and component specific information through a friendly personalized interaction. This will give you the variety of options and essential information you need to select the exact hardware part you’re looking for. In order to assure the best compatibility between the parts selected and your current computer configuration, our knowledgeable sales team will walk you through every step of the way, identifying your custom computer usage intentions by providing, you, and every customer, the attention they rightfully deserve. Our team also takes extreme pride in providing our customers exactly what they’re looking for, each and every time. Online in our ecommerce marketplace, over the phone, in the customer service chatroom-- all the way through the delivery process. Satisfaction and peace of mind is our key mission here at AVADirect Custom Computers: before, during and after the sale.