Transaction Security

AVADirect recognizes your right for privacy and full confidentiality while shopping online. All sensitive data such as billing and shipping information are securely encrypted using Secure Socket Layers (SSL) encryption protocol. AVADirect is committed to providing an up-to-date secure environment for online consumers. Therefore, the web site is registered with independent site identification authorities. Trustwave Global Certificate Authority (CA) confirms both parties identity before any transmission is sent and the Trustwave SSL Certificate gives all parties the confidence that information is being sent securely and to the right place.

Fraud Protection

For your online shopping, AVADirect is committed to data security and maintains the privacy of your credit card information, name, address, e-mail and any other information you provide via stringent controls.

  • For added protection, should we detect any security concerns relative your purchase, AVADirect will immediately contact you.
  • We strongly encourage all shipments are processed only to the verified billing address as a measure to minimize risk of fraud credit card usage.
  • For Customer purchases, AVADirect will only ship product to the verified billing address or an authorized shipping address that is registered with the Customer’s credit card. (With proper customer authorization, alternative shipping addresses, other than the billing address, can be registered with credit card companies. Contact your credit card company for further information.)
  • If you are more comfortable contacting our sales representatives direct, versus an online purchase, please call AVADirect at 1-866-766-4629 and we will gladly assist and process your order.

Should you have any questions regarding our procedures, please contact us at 1-216-503-6374.

Online Privacy

All personal information stored on your account as well as the specific products which you have purchased are kept highly confidential. It is our strict policy that NONE of your personal data (name, address, phone, fax, e-mail address, payment information, and other related specifics) will ever be disclosed or sold to any outside company, individual or third party for any purpose without your consent. The information you provide will be kept confidential and only used to enhance your AVADirect Experience.

In conjunction we want to allow for you to quickly find information on our site, share it with friends and make navigation more intuitive. To make your shopping easier and more enjoyable, AVADirect uses "cookies" to display and retain contents of your “shopping basket” while you browse the various sections of our online store. Our use of "cookies" does not mean that we automatically obtain information about you; as AVADirect has no intent to infringe on your privacy while using the website. We might be able to ascertain what type of computer you are using, but beyond that, our use of “cookies” is designed only to provide you with a better experience when using