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Quiet Gaming Notebook Review Clevo P157SM-A Notebook Review Clevo P157SM-A Notebook Review Clevo P157SM-A

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Quiet Gaming Notebook Review Clevo P157SM-A Notebook Review Clevo P157SM-A Notebook Review Clevo P157SM-A

Performance Desktops

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Full-Size Desktops

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Full Size DesktopsFeaturing Full Sized Functionality

Full-size desktops by AVADirect offer outstanding value and incredible flexibility, allowing users the absolute freedom to choose a configuration addressing a wide or narrow range of requirements. Each high-performance machine is built by hand to meet our precise quality standards, highlighting our unrivaled AVADirect standard of attention to detail that has earned our team at AVADirect an unparalleled reputation for excellence in the custom computer space. Purchasing new full-size desktops by AVADirect guarantees the best possible performance and quality for the price. If your team desires enterprise-level productivity while keeping your budget where it needs to be, we’ve got you covered – and then some. We will provide the best functionality, and top performance, no matter the application scenario. We have a supreme technical awareness that allow for you, the end user, to maximize productivity, and computing yield in the top custom machines that money can buy.

Whether you run a small business or manage an IT department of an enormous fortune 500 enterprise, rest assured these full sized desktops provide top notch dependability, ease of use, and productivity that will provide the tools you need to perform — not to mention the efficient eco-friendliness appeal. Choose from our multiple form factors, select the necessary hardware components, and then allow the internal tools of 21st century business do the rest.

We can, and will, ensure that your computer will meet all requirements necessary to make a statement in your office or home, while becoming a staple of your everyday operations. AVADirect combines progressive storage hardware with reliable data protection and the benefits of data virtualization to drive consolidation, performance, and energy cost reduction while delivering an enterprise-class user experience in our full-sized desktops. Whether the computing scenario is simple web browsing, accessing the sales cloud, running compressive data analyses, or video editing the next timeless masterpiece on the silver screen; Custom full-size desktops by AVADirect enable users to securely deliver digital supremacy, increasing productivity, while reducing operational costs and eco-efficiency. Home users and business personnel can now achieve their full potential, providing vital computing output through our Microsoft Windows and Linux enabled custom computer system integrations from AVADirect.

Customized to fit your lifestyle

Industry Leading Service and Support

You pick the components

You pick the components

We provide the industry’s widest selection of compatible hardware options for your next computer build!

Quality Craftsmanship

Quality Craftsmanship

Our skilled technicians have years of experience building custom computer systems and are dedicated to providing each system the attention to detail and personal touch required — setting the bar in custom computers.

World Class Customer Support

World Class Customer Support

AVADirect’s Customer Service Representatives are on hand to assist you before, during and after the sale. Our goal is always 100% customer satisfaction! Go to our testimonials to see feedback from real customers.

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