Portable Machines for Absurd Supremacy

AVADirect Gaming DesktopsGaming laptops are constantly scrutinized as being second-rate to desktop gaming computers, but the technological tables have turned toward device mobility and compact power in the custom computer industry. Naysayers claim the small sized internal components of a gaming laptops are typically less advanced and more expensive than the comparable hardware components for a desktop computer. Laptops can be a little trickier to upgrade compared to their gaming tower desktop counterparts. However, we know every trick in the book to provide the serious gamers the best possible weapon to dominate the competition; online in your preferred MOBA like League of Legends or DOTA 2, in a fantastic MMORPG, or even your favorite N64 console emulator, to name a few. What makes gaming laptops by AVADirect different than an ordinary laptop? A few factors: the processor, operating system, screen size, and GPU. The processor is arguably the most important feature of a gaming laptop – top level gaming means extremely process-intensive performance requirements, and all current game developers specify those minimum hardware requirements when you purchase the game. The operating system (OS) is vital because not all games are released for all operating systems, meaning older games might not be playable on a gaming laptop with the incorrect OS. The next factor is screen size. Gamers need to max out the view ability of their gaming experience, allowing for full in-game visibility to see that enemy around the corner, a small map in the corner of the display or through a the scope of a long range weapon – without a gaming screen sizable enough, you can easily get lost in the firefight. Finally, the GPU is a critically important, as it allows games to be played with higher graphics settings and with more visual effects enabled. Gaming laptops by AVADirect are researched, tested, and individually configured by our technical team of dominant gamers. We’re gamers; we know what it takes to stand out, especially when your reputation is at stake for your team, and individually among the online gaming community. We’ve centralized our focus around the need for a desktop replacement through a portable gaming laptop solution. Gaming laptops by AVADirect are custom assembled and equipped with cutting-edge portable technology – we max out the performance metrics and gear up the hardware to the highest standard in gaming to provide the most consistent framerates available — the power doesn’t stop there. If your talent is gaming, unleash the tethers of outdated laptop gaming hardware. Set yourself free!