Portable Machines for Absurd Supremacy

AVADirect Gaming DesktopsToday’s gaming laptops pack powerful gaming performance, comparable to that of desktops, in a portable package. The gap between gaming laptops and their desktop counterparts is growing smaller by the day, thanks in part to Nvidia’s dedication to making them a viable option for gamers. What makes gaming laptops by AVADirect different than an ordinary laptop? A few factors: the processor, screen size, and GPU. The processor is arguably the most important feature of a gaming laptop – top level gaming means extremely process-intensive performance requirements. The next factor is screen size. Gamers need to max out the view ability of their gaming experience, allowing for full in-game visibility to see that enemy around the corner, a small map in the corner of the display or through the scope of a long range weapon – without a gaming screen sizable enough, you can easily get lost in the firefight. Finally, the GPU is critically important, as it allows games to be played with higher graphics settings and with more visual effects enabled. We at AVADirect are gamers, too, and we know what it takes to stand out in the online gaming community. We’ve centralized our focus around the need for a desktop replacement through a portable gaming laptop solution. Gaming laptops by AVADirect are custom assembled and equipped with cutting-edge portable technology – we max out the performance metrics and gear up the hardware to the highest standard in gaming to provide the most consistent framerates available.