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Quiet Gaming Notebook Review Clevo P157SM-A Notebook Review Clevo P157SM-A Notebook Review Clevo P157SM-A

AVADirect Gaming Laptops

Portable Performance
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Notebook Review Clevo P157SM-A Notebook Review Clevo P157SM-A Clevo P157SM-A

AVADirect Clevo P157SM-A

Notebook Review Clevo P157SM-A


Customize without Compromise

LaptopsUnrestricted Portable Performance

Custom Laptop solutions from AVADirect offer incredible flexibility, quality and value. Custom laptops by AVADirect are built to your exact specifications, assembled with the same unquestionable attention to detail and quality that goes into every one of our desktop machines. When thinking about buying a new custom laptop, a key question is put into consideration: How will you be using this laptop?

Our custom laptops range from the standard portable device that provides reliability, without breaking your wallet --To business centralized laptops allowing functionality to all Microsoft application and enterprise software solutions. We then introduce our high-performance gaming, well renowned in the custom computer space including the household names that thrive during gaming sessions. You can also select from most ruggedized form factors, focused on professionals that need the computing power AND the safeguard reliability designs, just in case something were to happen on the jobsite. Let’s say you’re looking for something slimmer, something ultra-portable for the constantly traveling professional. Slip one of our ultra slim portable laptop into your carry-on and rest assured that your prescious hardware will be safe and sound for the journey. Potentially, you need a fleet of laptops for a new startup where operations are moving at the speed of light. Look no further! AVADirect’s quick ship laptops offer the utility of a powerful custom computer, without the need to wait around for it.

Choosing custom laptops by AVADirect couldn’t be more convenient in our newly redesigned, user friendly, and navigable configurators coupled with the thousands of hardware options available with us. This will guarantee the best possible performance, hardware selection, and quality for the cost. Our custom laptops represent an outstanding opportunity to get the most advanced portable technology, at the best possible price available in the PC hardware market.

Designed Solutions
for Work or Play!

Industry Leading Service and Support

You pick the components

You pick the components

We provide the industry’s widest selection of compatible hardware options for your next computer build!

Quality Craftsmanship

Quality Craftsmanship

Our skilled technicians have years of experience building custom computer systems and are dedicated to providing each system the attention to detail and personal touch required — setting the bar in custom computers.

World Class Customer Support

World Class Customer Support

AVADirect’s Customer Service Representatives are on hand to assist you before, during and after the sale. Our goal is always 100% customer satisfaction! Go to our testimonials to see feedback from real customers.

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