Incredible gaming muscle in compact design

AVADirect Mini Gaming DesktopsThe quest to pack as much possible gaming muscle into ever-smaller form factors is represented by our line of mini gaming desktops. We take full advantage of the constant evolution of smallness in today’s evolutionary technology space by optimizing every millimeter available when assembling the compact towers of the mini gaming desktops by AVADirect. Although these small form factors might visually seem meek in size, don’t underestimate the giddy-up loaded into these miniature gaming computers. These small form factor PCs offer our standard, unparalleled hand-crafted build quality and customization options in a tiny gaming package -- superior to most console gaming platforms, and even full-sized gaming towers. If you’re a PC gamer that commonly links up with your clan or teammates on site, and you need a portable, yet powerful mini gaming desktop that you can take with you; our custom mini gaming configurations will deliver a compact solution, perfect for LAN parties as a supercharged console replacement -- undoubtedly setting your gaming computer performance apart from the rest. Mini gaming desktops by AVADirect consistently rival full-sized desktops in functionality and performance capacities. Although space is restricted in a mini gaming desktop form-factor, we will advise, suggest, and implement superior cooling solutions, air cooling and liquid loop water cooling, down to the millimeter; elevating every possible configuration in the limited space in the mini gaming desktop form-factor. Take your gaming to the next level. We are confident that our mini gaming desktops will hang with any of our custom competitors, giving you the spaciousness on your desktop, the power next generation gaming requires, and the personalized flare that you desire. If you have a question, technical hardware problem, or need recommendations on upgrading your mini gaming desktop; our clan at AVADirect will provide it support for the entire life of that custom rig. We can maximize out the power, optimize toward your specific, common gaming tendencies, and give you a PC gaming tool that is beyond small and powerful. We’ll use our technical skill to give you the most hardcore mini gaming computer we can provide.