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Meet NUC.

Extremely affordable and infinitely customizable, the Intel® NUC
comes in a variety of configurations to help you get just what you need.
NUC is power in the Palm of Your Hand.


Small Size, Big Performance

Intel® NUC Products Powered by 5th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors

Intel Core I3 Intel Core I5
Quiet Gaming Notebook Review Clevo P157SM-A Notebook Review Clevo P157SM-A

A Powerful PC...

In a Small Form Factor

Quiet Gaming Notebook Review Clevo P157SM-A Notebook Review Clevo P157SM-A Notebook Review Clevo P157SM-A Notebook Review Clevo P157SM-A Notebook Review Clevo P157SM-A

Solid Performance...

In a Small Footprint

Mini PC

Customize without Compromise

Mini PCsSmall Size | Massive Power!

Mini Desktop Computers provide a useful hybrid of desktop functionality in a minimally sized form factor. These computers are ideal for those requiring a small or thin computer system to fit within a confined space. Customization options go beyond any laptop configuration -- so take it a step further with a custom mini pc by AVADirect. These mini PC systems are available in 4 main form factors: tower mini, cube mini, slim mini, and ultra mini. AVADirect offers this variety of cases to adhere to every user, in every usage scenario. Why settle for huge? You can keep that necessary processing power, and scale it back a notch.

The mini PC by AVADirect provides the ultimate portability, and provide you with a vast selection of internal hardware additions that you’ll commonly find contained in a large desktop. Customization options are essentially limited to the amount of hardware you can assemble onto a mini ITX motherboard. How much power can you pack into one of these miniature powerhouses? Although this form factor doesn't offer the same expandability of our full-sized custom desktop configurations, you can configure it to fit in the smallest of spaces these are a great solution. Real world applications include retail cash register stations, auto computers, and simple email/internet systems. We’ve allowed users to configure the industries widest selection of customized configurations options -- supported by the industry’s most familiar case manufacturers’ including: ASUS, Shuttle, Clevo, Microstar, and various others.

Just like the rest of our systems, we take extreme care to make sure every Custom Mini PC system is hand-crafted specifically to your needs and run through our team of technical all-stars first-- then we test, analyze processing results and deliver it right to your doorstep– just to be sure that your system meets our elite performance standards. Don’t worry, even though your size is scaled back, you’re not settling for anything less than miniature perfection.

Tools Designed For a Purpose in Mind!

Industry Leading Service and Support

You pick the components

You pick the components

We provide the industry’s widest selection of compatible hardware options for your next computer build!

Quality Craftsmanship

Quality Craftsmanship

Our skilled technicians have years of experience building custom computer systems and are dedicated to providing each system the attention to detail and personal touch required — setting the bar in custom computers.

World Class Customer Support

World Class Customer Support

AVADirect’s Customer Service Representatives are on hand to assist you before, during and after the sale. Our goal is always 100% customer satisfaction! Go to our testimonials to see feedback from real customers.

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TowerMini PC

High-End Hardware in a Compact Design

CubeMini PC

Reliable Performance in an Attractive Form Factor

SlimMini PC

Thin, elegant and powerful

Ultra SmallMini PC

Multimedia machines with incredible value