High-End Hardware in a Compact Design

AVADirect Mini Tower PCThe best way to define a Custom Mini Tower PC by AVADirect is by the case volume. Specifically, how much room you have to integrate hardware components into that system. Most mini tower pc form factors range from 30 to 50 liters of total internal case space, and can be optimized for whatever particular usage situation that adheres best to you based on what motherboard is compatible to the chassis you select. Mini Tower PC’s are quintessential for those gamers and enthusiasts that want portable desktop power, but require a smaller PC footprint. We realize the trend of miniature computing, that’s why we have expanded our selection of Mini Tower PC form factors beyond anything we’ve offered before. Make this tight design even tighter with our unlimited customization options spanning from synchronized case colors, to illuminating LED lights, even the slightest cable sleeving modifications; we allow our customers to make those specific customizations by a simple click of a mouse. The custom mini tower PC by AVADirect is small, yet built to accommodate full-sized computer hardware. We’ve designed to provide a small form factor, but allowing you unparalleled integration options for expansion; whatever the performance goal, these tiny powerhouse machines can smash preconceived expectations, custom configured with full size NVIDIA GPUs, sound cards or RAID controllers, truly an outrageous array of modern hardware can be assembled into some of the smallest form factors available in the industry. Backed by our promise to lifetime technical support, this machine will give you space, but allow for the utmost functionality. These mini PCs can be used for the simplest tasks or the most hardcore gaming imaginable; if you have preferred hardware that you would like to see in your custom mini tower pc. Dig in! Try out a configurator and see what’s possible with an optimized Mini Tower PC.