Pre-assembled foundation for your next DIY project

AVADirect PC BarebonesCustom pre-configured PC Barebones by AVADirect are perfect for more knowledgeable computer builders, or anybody interested in a Do-It-Yourself custom computer system. Custom PC barebones are normally implemented when the end-user requires only the rudimentary hardware components to get started. PC Barebones by AVADirect are also referred to as base, or starter systems. We artfully craft your base configuration, and we give you the opportunity to use your own technical skills. These systems are normally provided as just the framework and basic components, including the PSU and motherboard of your choice. At this point, you will then need to select compatible components and install the other hardware devices to assemble a fully operational desktop machine. When buying a barebones computer, you should check the specifications in our recommended products located in the AVADirect configurators to carefully confirm that you know exactly what other hardware you'll need to purchase in a functional system. You should also find out how many input/output devices the motherboard can accommodate, including the number of PCI card slots that are available. Choose your PC barebones computer from top manufacturers like NVIDIA®, CoolerMaster®, and Intel® and know that you’ll be able to save on the bottom line with the best hardware prices in the computer hardware industry. The pre-assembled and tested PC barebones by AVADirect feature the latest hardware technologies from our well renowned partners and all hardware is kept up to date by our experienced technical staff. Building from a PC Barebone skeleton offers plasticity that simply doesn't exist in even the most exotic custom system, from the ability to start a dream build from a little bit more than scratch, to allowing for the upgrade of an older computer that may have a lot of good parts, but need a refresh. These PC barebones computer systems deliver great performance and maintain the necessary quality requirements – all assembled with the ultimate attention to detail that has made the custom PC barebones by AVADirect the go-to choice for nearly 15 years. Get the best starter system in place, set up your custom computer configuration, and design the ultimate PC with all the essential components from the elite PC integrators at AVADirect.