Great Value That Meets the Tightest Deadlines

Quick Ship Laptops by AVADirect are specially designed to provide a wide variety of simple set configuration options while minimizing order turnaround time. We understand sometimes you need things fast but don’t want to compromise the depth of the configuration options. By choosing a pre-built notebook from a broad set of options, we can guarantee to our quick ship customers that we can meet even the toughest deadlines at unbeatable prices. Order on Monday, have your new system at your doorstep by the weekend, no questions asked. Leveraging certain customization options while leaving out others allows us to get these machines turned around in remarkably quick timeframes. Rest assured, just because you have less to customize does not mean you’re getting any less of a laptop. As Ferris Bueller once said – “sometimes life moves pretty fast”, and for those times, we give you the Quick Ship Laptops. Our quick ship laptops are thoroughly tested, put through a 24-hour burn in to ensure stability and are backed by our lifetime technical support. Meet your deadlines, empower your employees with the right tools, and achieve success quickly and efficiently with quick ship laptops by AVADirect Custom Computers.