Maximum Performace | Minimal Distractions

Quiet Workstations by AVADirect are the best solution for the ultimate processing power you can achieve when using a workstation PC, without having to hear it. Our workstations have started to build some credibility in the power PC space. We have started to understand the need for quiet – it’s essential to get work done, especially in a work intensive, focused environment. Put yourself in a laboratory, college computer center, or in an office -- we can guarantee you need a quiet solution that can run at full load -- providing the low-noise computer solution that you and your colleagues or classmates need to hear yourselves think. The disturbance factor is critical when evaluating high-performance, quiet workstations, and users need to keep that in mind when they are making a final decision. If your budget is flexible enough for a more expensive cooling solution, make sure to browse our quiet workstation configurators and contact our sales team directly. Our team of technical gurus will make sure we are meeting your budget, while giving you the best possible quiet solution available. We allow for best-in-class hardware, and the most intricately designed, unique cooling solutions. We provide a diverse selection of quiet computer cases that will soften the audible acoustics in these custom workstations by giving you the configuration options. By giving you the option of limitless PC low noise, steel workstation housing we employ the high intensity performance by optimizing the internal hardware with silent hardware components that will provide a whisper quiet computing experience. Assembled from the ground up to prevent noise and distraction, these machines aim to increase productivity and shatter performance benchmarks, without shattering your wallet. Kill the noise, without compromising the power. Our support team provides the best possible technical insight available in the custom computer industry, giving you the necessary peace of mind for years to come. Allow for our ultimate quiet workstations to be the solution for your next high powered computing needs.