To be honest, I'm super impressed with what AVADirect has done here. They haven't just slapped together a PC with a video card that is capable of 1080p at 75FPS minimum, they have specifically chosen each part to match the other. Everything is mixed together in a green-and-black color scheme just like the Virtuix Omni, and NVIDIA hardware. On top of that, you're getting a stress-tested system that ensures ultimate stability, with a price that will not break that VR presence. - Anthony Garreffa
The configuration of the i7 X99 that AVADirect sent us comes as close as any PC I’ve seen to perfectly melding class and gaming flash. I was not alone in my opinion. No fewer than three of the staff here at PCWorld commented on this gaming system’s good looks—a rare event for anything not Apple or thin-and-light. - Jon L. Jacobi
Digital Trends
The AVADirect Z97 Quiet Gaming works as advertised. It provided excellent performance for a single-GPU gaming desktop yet emitted less noise at load than any gaming desktop we’ve tested. The Z97 Quiet Gaming is the obvious choice if you want to play PC games in peace. - Matt Smith
The Clevo P157SM is without doubt the fastest 15.6-inch notebook available today though not without compromise. - Charles P Jefferies
This machine delivers a solid performance with AAA games without breaking the bank—or your ear drums. But potential buyers should take note of its limited expansion options. - W. Bryan Hastings
Honestly it's pretty hard to find too much fault with what AVADirect has done here, at least in terms of component selection. There are going to be aspects of this build that will be matters of taste, but this build has obviously skewed in favor of performance over absolute silence. That's totally fine; it's "Quiet," not "Silent". - Dustin Sklavos
Tom's Hardware
When we tabulate the scores, calculate the value, and take a critical look inside AVADirect's Mini Cube Gaming PC, we see that the company is fully capable of building a quality machine without compromising value. Factoring in warranty coverage and a bundled operating system to the cost, it appears that we're getting hours of assembly labor nearly free. That sounds like a bargain specifically for anyone who lacks either the time or skill to replicate a boutique builder's efforts. - Thomas Soderstrom
As you might expect, the P375SM blows benchmarks away on all fronts, turning in record scores on PCMark 7 and 8, and beyond-the-pale numbers on graphics and gaming tests. We’re talking about framerates that are triple those of other machines I’ve tested in the last year, including gaming rigs. - Christopher Null
Maximum PC Magazine
Digital Trends
AVADirect’s W230ST is an extremely powerful 13-inch gaming laptop that outperforms the Razer Blade for hundreds less - Matt Smith