Toughest Machines for Police, Military, and Industrial Pros

AVADirect Rugged LaptopsCommonly used by police, military, or industrial professionals, rugged laptops feature highly resistant materials and construction meant to protect them from liquid, dust, chemicals, and serious impacts. Rugged laptops have a thicker cases, liquid proof keyboards, and a gel-mounted hard disk drives to protect critical digital files. Rugged notebooks are designed from the inside-out to work in extreme temperatures, to be invulnerable to dropping, to resist shocks and vibrations and to be dustproof and water resistant. A fully-rugged notebook may have a solid state hard drive, which has no moving internal parts while operating at a cool temperature and doesn’t need a fan. Ultra-rugged notebook devices, which are usually designed to meet precise specifications for military use, are designed to handle the cruelest environmental conditions. Durability levels range from simply durable to ultra-rugged. In fact, several of these notebooks even follow MIL-STD 810F and IP54 standards for a wide variety of uses in our United States Armed Forces. Our relationship with our Armed Forces have been a mainstay at this organization for over a decade, and we plan to keep providing necessary operational tools to the most essential government sector to continually protect this country, and ensure peaceful activity around the world. Customized rugged Laptops by AVADirect are designed and assembled to withstand the most punishing levels of job site incidents. When elite performance on the job site is critical to success, there is no better option than AVADirect Ruggedized machines.