Cool, Quiet and Potent

AVADirect Quiet DesktopSilent Desktops by AVADirect are designed and customized for professionals who are looking for the quietest computer technologies available in the evolving 21st century office. We are a leader in the custom computer space by using our silent configuration designs. For users that rely on a quiet work environment, like a library or a hospital where silent desktops are necessary to perform at a silent volume in those particular workplace scenarios. These PCs are also perfect for office environments where concentration and quiet is in demand. Even the slightest peep, beep, or roar from a computer can present issues in those work atmospheres. When distractions cost time and money, it benefits to have a PC that is as powerful and subtle as possible. Our team professionally equips the customized silent desktops by AVADirect by using expert passive cooling methods, dampened chassis designs and silent hardware cooling fans that operate at a whisper quiet volume level. We’ll let you choose from the quietest video cards available on the market in our upgraded configurators featuring real-time hardware suggestions. Each video card choice is silently cooled either with the manufacturer's fanless video heatsink or with a custom silent video card cooler. In addition, absolutely every silent every video card offers support for at least two monitors simultaneously, many with options for more. Solid-state drives (SSD) have no moving parts, so they produce zero noise, have unbelievably fast read times, and are more reliable than standard mechanical hard drives. Other factors are put into consideration when constructing the custom silent desktops by AVADirect. For example: steel cases operate more silent than aluminum cases, foam case modifications dampens the noise, etc. This knowledge is enabled by our use of the highest quality silencing parts, and our dedication to adept technical assembly and flawless benchmark testing software for every configuration. If it is vital to operate at a whisper quiet volume, your colleagues, clients, patients and patrons will be glad you went with an AVADirect silent desktop.