Thin, elegant and powerful

AVADirect Slim Mini PCThin and elegant, our custom slim mini PC represents the peak of unobtrusive aesthetics in the computing space. Perfect for those who require a powerful custom computer in a small footprint, we never compromise our quality, or range of customization hardware integrations. A custom Slim Mini PC by AVADirect can be configured modestly, or integrated with the fastest CPU’s on the market. This form factor is essentially a full-sized standing desktop tower, but scaled down. As most slim mini pc’s can compete in size with some current day wireless internet router housings -- this hardware configuration will be slight, and out of sight. Our custom mini pc is defined by how much hardware integration space there is in each computer. A Slim Mini PC by AVADirect takes the form-factor name literally by offering the slimmest, standing desktop that we can provide our customers. Although we have a number of desktop cases that might be deemed miniature, this form factor has the size that is necessary to slide in, place directly next to, or sneak behind a current monitor; minimizing desk space in areas like in the kitchen, office, or living room. From online gaming, to media streaming, even simply browsing the web; custom slim mini pcs by AVADirect offer elusive power, in the tenth of the size of an industry standard standing desktop. A Custom mini PC can provide full-sized desktop power, and reliability allowing totally slimed down. Save space, save time and save money. Maybe it’s time you slimmed down your custom computer to a form factor that’s portable, and powerful. Similar to every computer that leaves our technical facility, we offer the lifetime technical support on every slim mini pc. True value lets you rest easy, and the AVADirect team will sincerely ensure that you chose the right PC.