Secure & Reliable Data Storage Solutions

AVADirect Storage Solutions Storage Solutions by AVADirect are unique to every business and enterprise situation. These particular servers can be integrated to any existing network, or serve as the starting point for a brand new one. By delivering more storage space to fulfil critical business applications, or serving a variety of media to the home, AVADirect has the appropriate storage solution for you. Since we offer so many different varieties of servers, our team guarantees to find you the most functional, affordable, and effective answer for every storage need. Secure and reliable data storage is necessary for any company looking to succeed. Through our lasting partnerships we ensure that you will have the options necessary for turn-key, optimal data storage solutions. Our diverse storage solutions empower companies to archive big data for analysis, research, and data driven applications without compromising performance, accessibility, or reliability. Our technical storage solutions allow companies to reduce operational energy costs, while providing the functionality to meet regulatory or corporate mandates, customized for every end user. From video surveillance, to bioinformatics; our team will provide the necessary industry insight to assist you in finding the ultimate storage solution for enterprises, and individual users – quickly and efficiently. As security is a key concern for many companies employing new storage solutions, our technical insight will answer and provide every possible security feature available for that configuration. Expertly assembled and systematically tested by our experienced team of technical professionals, these storage solutions offer the optimal balance of performance, capacity, and cost. Ideal for enterprise use or in server clusters where downtime is could be disastrous to your organization, a Super-Server is the ideal solution for each customer we do business with. Contact our corporate solution sales representatives and customer support teams directly to discover exactly what storage solution works best for you and your organization.