TRUE Copper CPU Heatsink, Socket 1366/775/AM2, Copper

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Manufacturer: THERMALRIGHT


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Quiet and powerful cooling due to multiple heat pipes and large Copper fin area. Proprietary bent winglet design to minimize airflow resistance. Use high quality copper material for consistent heat absorption and transfer. Include both bolt-thru-board retention brackets for Intel 1366, 775 socket and AMD AM2 socket.


  • Use high quality copper material for consistent heat absorption and transfer.
  • Utilizes six high quality 6mm heatpipes, strategically positioned to pick up the heat from the CPU.
  • Proprietary bent winglet design to minimize airflow resistance.
  • Heat pipes soldered to base (nickel plated) and fins for optimum heat transfer.
  • Stack of 52 pieces of copper fins, the most over any other heatsinks in the market. Can be covered entirely by a 120mm fan to absorb all in-coming air flow.
  • Vast compatibility list for multiple multi-core CPUs and platforms.
  • Includes both bolt-thru-board retention mechanisms for Intel 775 and AMD AM2 (backplate included for both platforms).
  • Includes two sets of fan wire clips for a duo-120mm fan installation (fans not included).
  • Includes the NEW thermal paste, Chill Factor 2 for even better conductivity.


Since the release of Ultra-120 eXtreme, it has become the standard, or as the one to beat in a lot of major CPU cooler comparisons. At Computex 2008, Thermalright displayed three versions of the Ultra-120 eXtreme; original (aluminum), black, and copper. Not surprisingly, the copper version was the one most well received. Many hardcore Overclockers saw it to be the ultimate air cooling device. Inheriting from its predecessor, TRUE Copper has six highly efficient heatpipes with every vital part soldered to them to ensure the highest rate of heat transfer and durability. This is one of the features that you will see in each and every Thermalright heatsink.

TRUE Copper's weight exceeds all of our previous heatsinks. Due to this reason, we strongly suggest installing it on a horizontal platform. Even though in our test lab, TRUE Copper was taken out for a test drive on a vertical platform and ran without a glitch as the motherboard came out unscathed. But since not all motherboards are manufactured the same way in terms of thickness and degree of stress, Thermalright cannot guarantee the condition of your motherboard after TRUE Copper is installed for a certainly amount of time. If you insist installing on a vertical platform, please check to make sure your motherboard is sturdy enough.

As most experts would expect, TRUE Copper will be a limited edition to the eXtreme lineup due to the high cost of copper. If you pass up this chance, you may never see another TRUE work of art again so don't wait anymore and grab one for the collection.

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimension: L133 x W156 x H38 mm
  • Weight :1900g (Heatsink Only)
  • Recommended Fan (120x25mm)
  • Heat pipes: six Heat pipes
  • Material : Copper

Processors Compatibility

  • Intel Socket 775 & AMD Socket AM2
  • Support Intel Core i7 Processor
  • Support Intel Core 2 extreme and any Socket 775 Processor
  • Support AMD Phenom X4 and any Socket AM2 & AM2+ Processor