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The Highest-End Notebooks, 2009 - AVADirect Clevo D900F Notebook Review
"The AVADirect D900F is the pinnacle of "mobile" processor performance… not by using the fastest mobile processor, but by using the fastest currently available desktop processor. Clocked at 3.33 GHz, the Core i7-975 outperforms any Core i7 mobile CPU by a sizable margin. With one core active, Turbo Boost on the i7-920XM can reach 3.2 GHz, but that's as close as you can get (and the i7-975 can still Turbo up to 3.60GHz). Considering the two processors have the same price tag of $1000, the only reason to go with an i7-920XM is if you want lower power requirements"

Maximum PC Magazine
AVADirect D900F Gaming Notebook Review
"When AVADirect offered to send us a Core i7 notebook, we said, hell yeah, and immediately cleared off space in the Lab — a lot of space ..."
AVADirect D900F Notebook Review
"These cards [NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280M] are compareable to enthusiasm desktop graphics cards, like the 9800M GT. The cards have a similar core, as their desktop counterparts, but are clocked lower and often have less shader processors. Modern games like Age of Conan, Race Driver Grid, Call of Duty 4, Mass Effect, or Gothic 3 should run fluently with high details (Crysis should run in medium to high details)."

CNET Laptops Reviews
AVADirect Clevo D900F Core i7 Review
"The Asus W90VP-X1 remains our current leader in laptop gaming performance, but the D900F is right behind it, and that's only in our 1,920x1,200 test; the AVADirect actually beat it at lower resolutions. What's more impressive is that the D900F handily topped all of the other performance laptops we've tested. Its processing results were more on par with the Alienware Area-51 X58 gaming desktop running a 3.2GHz Intel Core i7-965 Extreme Edition and 12GB of 1,066MHz DDR3 SDRAM."
AVADirect D900F Review
"It is almost difficult to describe how fast this notebook is in normal operation. With the Intel Core i7 975 processor, 6GB of RAM, and OCZ Vertex drives in RAID 0, the Clevo D900F blasts through any task you can think of. Installing software happens abnormally fast, boot and shutdown times are very quick, and game load times are phenomenal. Going back to my ThinkPad T60 to type this review felt like I was transitioning to my parents' 10 year old desktop. To give you an idea of how fast this processor is, the previous "fastest" notebook in our office was an ASUS W90, scoring 23.5 seconds in wPrime when overclocked to 3.3GHz. This system finishes wPrime in an amazing 7.2 seconds! PCMark05 also increased significantly, jumping nearly 6,000 points over the ASUS W90."


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Gaming Laptop Clevo D900F Core™i7 Gaming Notebook, 17.1" WUXGA TFT LCD, GeForce® GTX 285M / GeForce® GTX 480M / Quadro® FX 3800M Graphics

Clevo D900F Core™i7 Gaming Notebook, 17.1
Item Code: NBK-PSR-D900F
This gaming laptop is discontinued and is shown for informational purposes only. Suggested replacement:
Clevo X7200 Core™ i7 Gaming Notebook, 17.3" Full HD Glossy LED LCD, NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 580M 2GB Graphics
Note: The picture shown is for information purposes only. Visual appearance of the product depends on selected configuration and may vary from the picture.

Gaming Laptop Info


Based on world's first Core™ i7 / Xeon™ 5500 Clevo D900F notebook barebone this custom mobile workstation designed for maximum performance and for the most demanding users, such as CAD/CAM and 3D designers, engineers, animators, graphics professionals etc.


  • 17" Wide Viewing Angles WUXGA Active Matrix Display with Super Clear Glossy surface
  • Intel® Core™i7 Extreme processors support
  • Intel® Xeon™ E5540, X5550, X5560, W5580 processors support 
  • NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 285M 1GB, GeForce® GTX 480M 2GB or Quadro® FX 3800M 1GB  graphics
  • up to 12GB 1333MHz DDR3 SDRAM Memory Supported
  • Support up to 3 Hard Disk Drives
  • Integrated Hardware SATA Raid 0,1, 5 Controller
  • S-Video out jack for TV output & HDTV output
  • 1 DVI Port, 1 VGA Port for external Monitors
  • 1 HDMI port
  • 1 eSATA port for external storage
  • 4 Built-in Speakers
  • 4 USB 2.0 Ports & 1 IEEE-1394 Ports
  • Built-in 7-in-1 Card Reader
  • Integrated 3MP Digital Video Camera
  • Full Sized Keyboard with Numeric Keypad
  • Intel High Definition Audio / 8 Channel external audio outputs supported

NVIDIA® Quadro® FX 3800M Graphics

The no-compromise NVIDIA® Quadro® FX 3800M professional mobile graphics solution, featuring the NVIDIA® CUDA™ architecture, 30-bit color accuracy, and certification for the most demanding CAD, Oil & Gas, and content creation applications, provides a full-featured, ultimate performance experience for users on the go.

NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 480M Graphics

Give your games an adrenaline shot with NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 480M notebook GPUs. Expect the fastest performance and visually-stunning graphics. Bring notebook gaming closer to cinema quality effects. Experience heart-pounding visuals with the combined power of DirectX 11 and NVIDIA ® PhysX® technologies. Take your game up a notch and connect your notebook to an NVIDIA® 3D Vision™-ready display for an immersive gaming experience. Finally, NVIDIA® Verde™ drivers keep your notebook up to date with the latest applications performing at its peak.

Extreme NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 285M Graphics

Simply the Fastest

NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 285M notebook GPUs are the highest performing notebook GPUs in the world, and offer up to 50% more performance than the previous generation.

Gaming is becoming more and more realistic. NVIDIA® PhysX™ technology enables a totally new class of physical gaming interaction for a more dynamic and realistic gaming experience – filled with lifelike explosions, natural water, and cloth that drapes and tears naturally.

Three Hard Drives with Hardware RAID 0, 1, 5 Support
Industry-leading 750GB or 500GB fault tolerance storage capacities for the ultimate mobile data storage solution providing performance, utility, and security without compromising an internal optical drive.

* Note: RAID compatibility is not guaranteed with all HDD models. There can be performance and compatibility issues with latest hard drives and SSD drives.

Customize it for your needs

We offer an extensive selection of notebook components through the convenient system configurators allowing to build broad spectrum of custom notebooks up to the high-end level. Starting configurations of our custom notebooks include notebook barebone, CPU, memory, hard drive and optical drive. By using the configurator located on this page you can upgrade and downgrade components to fit this purchase into your budget and requirements. Besides the configurator, you can also add other components to your cart and we will install them as well. Our custom notebooks come assembled and tested with warranty. Now we also offer custom painting for all our notebooks.

Why buy custom notebook from us?

There are many companies on the market who offer customized white-box notebook solutions based on notebook barebones from such well-known manufacturers as Clevo, ASUS, MSI, Compal and others. Compared to others, besides regular assembly services, we also offer a wider variety of components selection and customization options, guaranteed professional software installation, troubleshooting and extensive testing services, backed up by a full cycle of sale and post-sale product support. All these benefits are already included in the price of all our notebooks. Configuring and buying your fully custom personalized notebook configuration could be a risky business, but we can assure you that the business approach that we execute is a guarantee of eliminating all of those risks for all our customers. Overall, there are three key factors that define who we are: low pricing, high quality and excellent professional reputation.

Note: For full specifications see notebook barebone details.

Build Your Own Gaming Laptop

click for more info Clevo Intel-based Notebook Barebones:
  • CLEVO, D900F/N10EGTX/UG Core i7 Notebook Barebone, Intel® X58, 17.1" TFT WUXGA, PCIe x16 MXM-III Discrete Graphics
  • click for more info Notebook Custom Painting:
    click for more info Socket 1366 Core i7 Desktop Processors:
    click for more info Thermal Compound:
    click for more info Clevo Notebook Graphics Modules:
    click for more info DDR3-1066 SODIMM Memory:
    click for more info SATA Notebook Hard Drives:
    click for more info SATA Notebook Hard Drives:
    click for more info SATA Notebook Hard Drives:
    click for more info Storage Subsystem Configuration:
    click for more info Clevo Notebook Optical Drives:
    click for more info Floppy Drives and Card Readers:
    click for more info Clevo Notebook Media Card Readers:
  • Built-In 7-in-1 Card Reader (Integrated)
  • click for more info Clevo Notebook Network Cards:
  • NETWORK, Built-in 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet LAN Card
  • click for more info Internal Notebook Wireless Network Cards:
    click for more info Clevo Notebook Bluetooth Adapters:
    click for more info Clevo Notebook Modems:
  • MODEM, 56K V90/92 Fax/Modem (Integrated)
  • click for more info Discrete Sound Cards:
    click for more info Clevo Notebook Accessories:
  • Web Camera (Integrated)
  • click for more info Clevo Notebook TV Tuners:
    click for more info Clevo Notebook AC Adapters:
    click for more info Notebook Batteries:
    click for more info Clevo Notebook Car Adapters:
    click for more info Clevo Notebook Cases and Backpacks:
    click for more info Notebook Coolers:
    click for more info Mouse:
    click for more info Joysticks and Control Devices:
    click for more info External Storage Drives:
    click for more info Wireless Routers and Access Points:
    click for more info Multi Display Adapters:
    click for more info Operating Systems:
    click for more info Operating Systems:
    click for more info System Recovery Software:
    click for more info Productivity Software:
    click for more info Antivirus Software:
    click for more info Games:
    click for more info System Documentation:
  • ACCESSORY, System Binder
  • click for more info Clevo Notebook Warranties:

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