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Custom media PCs are built to redesign the way you manage all your digital media in your living room, local business, or elusive man cave. These custom multimedia computers are hand crafted to be the central hub for all of your digital media. Our custom media PCs pack innovative hardware upgrades and versatility in a sleek and living room friendly form factor. Every multimedia PC we offer is compatible the most recent HD display monitors, even the new 4K televisions.

Telecast your favorite TV shows by integrating a cable provider’s card into this high powered media pc and enjoy your favorite cable stations while retaining access to all your other favorite digital media like Blu-ray HD movies, diverse music libraries, vast picture galleries, and online content. Synchronize with your surround sound speaker set-up and really wow your guests in the home, patrons and customers at a local business, and beyond. A media computer from AVADirect will make an entertainment system boom like never before.

These custom media pc configurations include high performance custom computer hardware that you’ll commonly find in our desktop computers. All that computing power requires the correct cooling solutions so we make sure to integrate the quietest fans allowing these computers to be a comfortable addition in any living room or office space. When connected to high-definition televisions or other home entertainment setups, these media pcs will be ready to serve any desired multimedia content you can imagine. Our rigorous testing procedures, well renowned build quality and lifetime support ensures that hard earned money was well spent. You and your guest’s attention will always be on the flawless media playback and features in the ultimate interactive digital media experience from AVADirect.

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